500 Gram Repeaters

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Extreme Machine

Shots: 36
Colors: Gold
Description: Extreme Machine brings the noise! It features 6 volleys of 6 shots; each with screeching, gold, comet tails that break into huge, gold, delay-crackle bursts.

Case Pack: 4
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Survival of the Fittest

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold
Description: Survival of the Fittest features glittering silver palms with red, blue, and green glitter. The final 4 shots are fired simultaneously, and feature multi-color stars and delay-crackling.

Case Pack: 4
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Shots: 27
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, White
Description: Gunsmoke starts with a barrage of red, glitter mines; then fires shells that burst into red stars with green glitter; followed by another barrage of red, glitter mines. It closes out with blue tails that burst into blue stars with white glitter; another blast of red, glitter mines; and a volley of purple tails that break into gold crackle with purple stars!

Case Pack: 4
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Colossal Pride

Shots: 30
Colors: Gold, Blue, Red
Description: Colossal Pride fires 30 shots of gold brocades with red and blue stars.

Case Pack: 4
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750 Shot Color Saturn Missiles

Shots: 750
Colors: Silver, Red, Green
Description: Two minutes of mayhem as 750 whistling shots are unleashed on your ears. The first half features colored missiles to crackle, with the final half shooting colored missiles with reports.

Case Pack: 2
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Shots: 15
Colors: Gold, Red, Blue, White
Description: Breakout features gold brocades with red, white, and blue stars. It finishes with 2 rounds of 3-shot bursts.

Case Pack: 4
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The Armory

Shots: 35
Colors: Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Gold, Yellow
Duration: 15 seconds
Description: A unique, fan-shaped effect that shoots 7 rounds of 5 shots. Each volley includes two brightly-colored comets with tails, topped off by three large breaks. The breaks display a variety of colors and effects, including green and pink with white glitter, blue with orange glitter, gold brocades with glitter, yellow and white, gold spide with blue stars, gold brocades, and green breaks with glitter trails to delay crackle finale.

Case Pack: 2
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Chasing Booty

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Gold
Description: This cake launches a steady stream of 24 shots. The first 12 shots are blue mines to red, white, and blue breaks with glitter, followed by 3 different 4-shot barrages with mines to brocades with red and green tips, gold with glitter, and gold with crackling.

Case Pack: 4
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Escape Velocity

Shots: 30
Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue
Duration: 25 Seconds
Description: Escape Velocity fires 6 fan-shaped volleys, each with 5 shots. It features multi-color mines and glitter to colored palms and dahlias with silver comet tails!

Case Pack: 2
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Comet Storm

Shots: 45
Colors: Purple, Green, Gold
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Comet Storm blasts 5 rows of 9 shots, filling the sky with crackling mines, comet tails with purple and green stars, and large brocades with glitter!

Case Pack: 4
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Stop! Look! Listen!

Shots: 23
Colors: Red, Orange, Silver, Pink, Purple, Green
Duration: 45 Seconds
Description: Starting with large breaks of rose-red stars, orange palms with silver and green glitter; then a fan-fired burst of pink and green bursts with crackling; followed by purple palms with silver or green glitter. Three-shot finale of silver tails to rose-red stars with delayed crackle.

Case Pack: 4
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Publicity Stunt

Shots: 32
Colors: Gold
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: Publicity Stunt unleashes golden tails to brocades and crackling tails to crackling bursts - mixing in several changes of pace before finishing with a five-shot finale of crackling tails to brocade with crackling.

Case Pack: 4
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