500 Gram Repeaters

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The Armory

Shots: 35
Colors: Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Gold, Yellow
Duration: 15 seconds
Description: A unique, fan-shaped effect that shoots 7 rounds of 5 shots. Each volley includes two brightly-colored comets with tails, topped off by three large breaks. The breaks display a variety of colors and effects, including green and pink with white glitter, blue with orange glitter, gold brocades with glitter, yellow and white, gold spide with blue stars, gold brocades, and green breaks with glitter trails to delay crackle finale.

Case Pack: 2
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Chasing Booty

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Gold
Description: This cake launches a steady stream of 24 shots. The first 12 shots are blue mines to red, white, and blue breaks with glitter, followed by 3 different 4-shot barrages with mines to brocades with red and green tips, gold with glitter, and gold with crackling.

Case Pack: 4
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Gun Runner

Shots: 30
Colors: Silver, Red, Green, White, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Description: Gun Runner fires alternating, fan-shaped rows of glittering, silver wave shells with color stars; and rows of multi-color chrysanthemum shells. There are 6 rows, each with 5 shots.

Case Pack: 4
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Free Falling

Shots: 28
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver
Description: Free Falling launches 7 volleys of 4 shots, alternating between red and blue dahlias with white glitter.

Case Pack: 4
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Party Favor

Shots: 49
Colors: Blue, Gold
Description: A left & right sweeping, fan-shaped barrage of blue star-mines breaking into big brocade crowns. An outstanding new item, and a must have!

Case Pack: 3
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Loyal To None

Shots: 33
Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Gold, Silver
Description: Loyal To None, starts with color breaks & snow flakes, then fires gold & silver flying fish with crackling, & finishes with three large wave shells.

Case Pack: 3
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Captain Jake

Shots: 21
Colors: Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange
Description: Captain Jake blasts gold crackling mines that break into yellow, red, green, purple, blue, and orange bursts. It finishes with crackling mines that break into gold brocades with crackle.

Case Pack: 3
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High Def

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Silver
Description: High Def displays 8 shots of gold brocades with assorted color stars and red strobes; it follows with a 4-shot volley of red, green, blue and silver falling leaves. The finale features 4 shots of brocades with colored stars and red strobes.

Case Pack: 4
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Galaxy Buster

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold
Description: Galaxy Buster lights up the sky with huge multi-color bursts with delay-crackling. Each break has bright, vivid colors!

Case Pack: 4
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Scuba Diver

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Description: 12 shots of silver tails to red chrysanthemum, green chrysanthemum, and gold chrysanthemum, plus a 4-shot finale.

Case Pack: 4
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Shots: 16
Colors: Red, White, Blue
Description: Proud features glittering mines with blue stars that break into red tipped glittering willows, then red, blue, and purple dahlias with crackle.

Case Pack: 6
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Loud & Proud

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Silver
Duration: 40 seconds
Description: A great value 500-gram repeater that launches 9 shots, including gold brocades and silver chrysanthemums.

Case Pack: 6
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