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Sky Lanterns

Colors: White
Description: Sky Lanterns are an amazing addition to any celebration. Sky Lanterns are basically small, translucent hot-air balloons. They have a small fuel source in the middle that, once lit, will lift the lantern slowly into the sky with a soft glow. These lanterns are made with fire-retardant, 100% biodegradable material. To achieve the best effect, at least 10-20 should be used at one time (the more, the better).

Case Pack: 36
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10" Color Sparklers

Colors: Red, Green, and Gold
Description: 10" wire color sparklers. Each pack of 12 boxes has 4 boxes of each color: Red, Green, and Gold.

Case Pack: 24/12/8
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Morning Glory Sparklers

Description: These are the classic morning glory sparklers you know and love, with a three-stage, multi-effect performance on a bamboo stick.

Case Pack: 15/24/6
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Party Poppers

Description: Pull string confetti poppers.

Case Pack: 20/72
Pre-Order: Ships by June 1
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Crackling Balls

Colors: Emits a gold crackling effect.
Description: Emits a gold crackling effect.

Case Pack: 16/12/6
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Flashing Signals

Description: 6 small strobe pots that emit very bright light.

Case Pack: 12/24/6
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Bottle Sparklers / Cake Sparklers

Description: These specially formulated sparklers are perfect for bottle service and cake presentations. They burn with a near-smokeless, gold-sparkling flame for about 45 seconds. They measure 7.5" long, and .5" in diameter.
240 packs of 4 per case (960 sparklers total).

Case Pack: 4/60/4
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Heart Sparklers

Colors: Gold
Duration: 45 seconds (Approximate)
Description: Color: Gold
Burn Time: 45 seconds (Approximate)
Description & Effects: These Heart-shaped, wire sparklers burn almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions! When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart, creating double the sparkle of a regular sparkler!

Case Pack: 6/12/6
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Tank with Report

Description: Each tank rolls across the ground and emits red and green stars with silver sparks and then fires one loud report.

Case Pack: 40/12
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Red, White, & Blue Glow Necklace

Description: These 22" red, white & blue glow necklaces are perfect for 4th of July parties and fireworks festivities!

25 Pack
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Ground Bloom Flower

Description: This classic novelty item spins on the ground while strobing bright alternating colors with sparks.

Case Pack: 20/12/6
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Assorted Color Snakes

Description: This classic novelty produces a trail of ash as it burns that resembles a snake! Each pack includes 6 different colors.

Case Pack: 144/6/6
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