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Mr. Bigger
Code: K2-CE2677

Mr. Bigger

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Shots 53
Mr. Bigger, starts with step-fired rows of alternating red and green mines with delay-crackle. The finale features red comet tails bursting into crackling, red and green color breaks!
Mr. Bigger Video


Alley Oops 75

Calion/El Dorado AR

If it's Superior it has to be good......

I was a bit late placing my order with Superior and they bent over backwards to make sure that my shipment was received the day before the 4th of July...I had a party of 50 or so people who were delighted with the fire works show that lasted just over an hour....I purchased a variety of items that included 45 different packages....Even my border collie enjoyed the show as he howled from beginning to end....

5 Overall Rating