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$127.71 ($5.32/Pack)
Skybolt is a quality set of 5 different rockets:
  • Multicolored palms
  • Double rings
  • Red rings with silver pistil
  • Green rings with crackling
  • Gold palm with delay crackling
Case Pack 24/5 Units Per Case 24
$102.86 ($5.71/Each)
Large, single-shot aerial shells with one of four effects:
  1. Colorful Palms
  2. Blue to Red Peony
  3. Red Dahlia with Crackling
  4. Blue Pistil and Brocade Crown
Case Pack 6/3 Units Per Case 18
2 Reviews
$64.16 ($5.35/Each)
Our largest, single-shot aerial shells featuring three effects:
  1. Red Peony with Palm Tree
  2. Red to Silver Glitter
  3. Red to Blue Crackling Flowers
Case Pack 4/3 Units Per Case 12


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2 Reviews
$101.94 ($50.97/Each)
Believe delivers 9 massive brocade crown breaks, alternating between red and green glitter inside each shot. It finishes with a two-shot finale.
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 9 Units Per Case 2


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$85.49 ($7.12/Each)
Mafia fires alternating shots of red and blue with gold glitter, pink and green with gold glitter, and red and yellow with gold glitter. It finishes with a 4-shot finale of red glitter palms.
Case Pack 12/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 16 Units Per Case 12

USA Rockets

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$145.49 ($12.12/Pack)
USA Rockets includes 9 artillery-style breaks with assorted colors and effects.
Case Pack 12/9 Units Per Case 12

Across the States

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$82.80 ($10.35/Pack)
A powerful set of Roman candles containing 2 each of 4 different 5-ball candles:
  • Top Gun - Alternating red and Green color breaks
  • Big Shot - Whistling tail to loud, crackle burst
  • Giant Typhoon - Red tail to silver tourbillons
  • Blue Blood - Intense, blue color breaks
Case Pack 8/8 Shots 5 Units Per Case 8
An impressive roll of 4,582 firecrackers. Unlike other firecracker rolls, Celebration Crackers finish with a loud head bomb, with hundreds of firecrackers going off simultaneously!
$29.99 ($1.50/Igniter)
5-meter electric ignitors that work with most remote firing systems. They are specifically made for consumer fireworks and clip right onto the fuse with a tight hold - no taping required!
(Wiring Note: these are best run in parallel instead of series)
Case Pack Pack of 20 Units Per Case 20
$66.70 ($0.93/Pack)
This pack of 72 star-shaped sparklers is perfect for any celebration! Simply light them at the tip and enjoy the golden sparkle as it burns down both sides of the star.
Case Pack 6/12/6 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 72
$71.32 ($0.50/Pack)
This classic novelty produces a trail of ash as it burns that resembles a snake! Each pack includes 6 different colors.
Case Pack 144/6/6 Units Per Case 144
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