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New Product
No. of Shells
Shell Diameter
Shell Style
1 Review
$166.16 ($55.39/Each)
Fountains, repeaters, and artillery shells that are perfect for a family fireworks celebration.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 3/1 Units Per Case 3
$147.16 ($49.05/Each)
A great selection of repeaters, Roman candles, fountains, snappers, Saturn missile batteries, and artillery shells.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 3/1 Units Per Case 3

Smokin' Hot

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4 Reviews
$104.35 ($26.09/Each)
Smokin' Hot blazes through it's 30 shot payload, sweeping back & forth with color palm breaks and glitter! The final row features crackling gold brocades. A great finale piece!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Shots 30 Units Per Case 4

Knuckle Sandwich

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$79.05 ($9.88/Each)
A hard-hitting 200-gram repeaters with lots of color. Gold glittering tails to red and blue dahlia, then purple and blue dahlias, finishing with silver palms and silver glitter.
Case Pack 8/1 Colors Duration 20 Seconds Shots 12 Units Per Case 8
2 Reviews
$54.53 ($3.41/Each)
A continuous roll of 1,000 Boomer Thunder Bomb firecrackers!
Case Pack 16/1 Units Per Case 16
$60.33 ($3.02/Pack)
Screaming rockets with report.
Case Pack 20/12/12 Units Per Case 20

Mine Craft

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$118.27 ($13.14/Each)
Mine Craft is a unique set of 6 different tulip-style artillery shells. Each shell blasts out of the tube with a brilliant mine effect to assorted color breaks with crackle and glitter.
Case Pack 9/6 No. of Launchers 1 No. of Shells 6 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Tulip Units Per Case 9
$75.00 ($2.08/Pack)
Each stick produces a different color smoke with a duration of 60 seconds.
Case Pack 36/4 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Units Per Case 36
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