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The A Team
The A Team
The A Team
The A Team
The A Team
The A Team
Code: WKSBS8022

The A Team

$89.38 ($22.34/Repeater)
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Case Pack 1/4
Units Per Case 4
Four of Bright Star's most popular 500-gram repeaters:
  • Prime Rain: A fan-shaped display of crackling mines to crackling bursts with red, green, and white strobe. 25 shots, 25 seconds
  • Breaking Bad: Brocade strobing mines to brocade crown with colorful strobe and crackling mines to colorful crackling palms. 7 shots, 25 seconds
  • Hardcore Rock: Brocade palms with red, green, and blue dahlias and a finale of brocade palms with chrysanthemum crackle. 9 shots, 20 seconds
  • Rounders: Color tails to awesome breaks of brocade crown to blue or purple with strobing color pistils. 25 shots, 50 seconds
The A Team Video