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$244.14 ($40.69/Each)
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Case Pack 6/24
No. of Launchers 4
No. of Shells 24
Shell Diameter 1.75"
Shell Style Canister
Units Per Case 6
Excalibur artillery shells are known to be among the best shells on the consumer fireworks market. With loud breaks and vivid colors, these maximum-load canister shells are a sure crowd pleaser!
Excalibur Video


The staple of our shells

South Dakota


This is a staple of ours. Always the majority of our shells. These never let us down.



A must have

Best canisters on the market, loud from the initial thump love em.

NW Houston Boomers

Cypress Tx

#1 for a reason!

Very loud very high and very awesome colors -

Family Fireworks

Jacksonville, FL

Always a good choice

In the past couple of years, the shells have changed a bit but they still perform quite well. We've never had any complaints on the show, more so the cleanup afterwards. The pool scrubbers have to work overtime to clean up after our shows. :-D The HDPE tubes make these kits a great bargain and the re-usability helps from year to year. Replace the bad tube(s) in our rack(s) and carry on with the show.

The pre-show tube assembly



Excalibur Fails To Deliver

I have used Excalibur shells for years. Upon constructing my 12/31/17 shoot, I noticed the shells were constructed a bit differently and weighed less. Well, I hate to say it, but most of the shells let me down as they were not consistent in report and did not have the punch that Excalibur is famous for. Please find the source for the original banging shells and make sure they are coming from only that source as they have different manufacturers.

Code C.

Orlando, FL

Just another Excalibur Review

As it has been said over and over, these shells set the standard for what a 60g canister should be and are still among the top performers on the market today. I ALWAYS have at least 2 boxes in every show I do. Get 'em and be happy :)


Alvin, Tx.

Best shells on the market

Been using these as a finale for my shows and they never disappoint.

CJ the Pyro

Houston, TX

Loud and Proud

This is still my #1 shell great price point and HDPE tubes



Best bang for your buck

The go to mortar for my fireworks, makes great grand finale too when wiring a group together. One of the best mortar you can get without any special license




By far the best artillery shell on the market. Loud and colorful.


Mobile, AL

Excellent mortars!!!

I absolutely love the Excalibur mortars!!! I will always have these in my shows.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Great customer service and delivery. Already looking to buy more very soon!!

Pyro Joe


Hands down best 2" mortar

I've been buying these for a few years now and they're my go-to shell for all my displays.

Bob's back yard

St.Joseph Michigan

Always great

Thursday the entire show


San Antonio TX

2 best but still a must have

These are my go too shells every year and still are a must have every year . I liked the AR-15 Cutting Edge a bit better But these are cheaper and nearly as good in hight and breaks a small diffrence.And these are the loudest I compared 6 ( 60g )in the show and after alone


Omaha, NE

Has always been one of my favorites

I used this artillery shell in my show which went well with ar15. The shells have a loud, massive break with good effects. I had the fireworks synced to music, unfortunately it lit some of the other racks but it was one amazing, intense 10 minute finale. By far best fireworks in my area. It was so bright that it turned off all the street lights on my street. Definitely going to be buying alot more next year. Be posting pics and video soon.



good shells

These are probably one of top three shells, cant beat the price, and some really good effects!


Crosby, Tx

Best 1.4 shell on the market!

The Excalibur canister shell is the best shell on the market in my opinion. It's a very reliable, great performing shell! They are a crowd favorite.


Grants, NM


Everyone loved the sound and variety of showers


Converse, Louisiana

Very much bang for the buck!

Product comes with multiple heavy plastic tubes which are great to set up multishot finales or just put a lot of fire in the air at once. Compact packaging allows you to transport them easily. I have used many mortar tubes and usually prefer ball shells over canister ones but Excaliber is the best mortar product I have found bar none.


Yoakum, TX

Incredible canister!

Like others have said, awesome product! Second year using them and still the crowd favorite. These fly high and have an incredible spread. Ready to pop some more!

4.8 Overall Rating