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Hardcore Pyro
Code: W-A-CE907

Hardcore Pyro

$255.14 ($127.57/Each)
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Case Pack 2/60
No. of Breaks 108
No. of Launchers 6
No. of Shells 60
Shell Diameter 1.75"
Units Per Case 2
Hardcore Pyro is an artillery shell assortment with a wide variety of effects. It includes canister shells, ball shells, and double & triple-break shells.


Jon G

Tulsa, OK

Waste of money

They work, but don't waste your money. Buy Excal's or similar and use multiple tubes for multiple breaks. These were just disappointing in height and wompy breaks. Because of the smaller shell size also, there's more wiggle room in the launch tubes, so you'll have some explode close to the ground. Won't buy again.

2 Overall Rating