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Echo in the Ear
Code: W-A-P8029

Echo in the Ear

$172.39 ($14.37/Each)
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Case Pack 12/6
No. of Launchers 1
No. of Shells 6
Shell Diameter 1.75"
Shell Style Canister
Units Per Case 12
Powerful, max-load canister shells that will definitely leave an "echo in the ear!" Effects include huge brocades, color breaks, glitter, crackle, and more!
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Madera Painting

Middleburg Fl

Worth the price!

Used this product on new years eve 2017 and it was awesome. I bought 3 different boxes not sure of the other names but can describe the color shell. This Echo in the Air (yellow shell) blows lower in the air with a loud bang. There's a (red shell) blows higher in air height with a loud bang. There's a (silver shell) that blows mid in air height with a loud bang. All great products will buy more next year.

4 Overall Rating