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Sea to Shining Sea
Code: W-K1-KM15330

Sea to Shining Sea

$59.04 ($59.04/Each)
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Case Pack 1/1
Shots 113
Units Per Case 1
Sea to Shining Sea, bursts into action with a sweeping barrage of whistling, silver comet tails; followed by a barrage of crisscrossing color comets; finishing with 3 huge blue color bursts with silver glitter!
Sea to Shining Sea Video


Gladiator Pyro

Jackson Mo

Good cake

113 shots in 19 seconds. Don't blink. Starts with 20 whistling dancing snakes. Then to 60 silver green and red tipped comets, then another 20 dancing snakes with crackle and a finale of gold brocades. Whew! I'm tired just talking about it

Uncle Pyro

Madison, Wi

Not your standard rip cake.

This cake is unique. It kinda has an anti-firework feel at times, as two of it's four segments leaves your audience in the dark surrounded by whistles and crackles. This isn't bad thing and it turned out to be a crowd favorite. In a show I consider putting after a large bright display for some contrast.

Service and Delivery Comments:
I almost missed out on this cake as I took it off the roster due to a poky production date. A special Thank You goes out to the sales staff for reminding me that it was on my original wish list. The the cake arrived just in time to ship with my order and I'm glad I got the chance to see this cake in action.


boca raton FL


rapid burst! alot of color and noise

4.3 Overall Rating