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Journey to Mars
Code: WJGA101902

Journey to Mars

$77.62 ($6.47/Repeater)
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Case Pack 4/3
Shots 25
Units Per Case 12
A 3-pack of 25-shot repeaters celebrating exploration of the red planet, all with red stars or strobe.
  • Spirit: Gold willows with silver strobe, gold willows with green strobe, gold willows with red strobe, and a 5-shot finale!
  • Opportunity: Colorful peonies alternating between red, yellow, and purple stars with white strobe and sea blue, green, and gold stars with red strobe finishing with a 5-shot finale!
  • Curiosity: Red stars with white strobe, green stars with white strobe, sea blue stars with white strobe, yellow star with white strobe, silver chrysanthemum with red strobe, with a 5-shot finale.
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Good for your show.


Will definitely buy again.

Great to use 2 at time.

4.5 Overall Rating