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Mine Craft

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Mine Craft includes 6 max-load 5" canister shells. Each one launches into the sky with a brilliant, low-level mine, then breaks into huge aerial effects!
Colors No. of Launchers 1 No. of Shells 6 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Canister
Backyard Show to Go is a fantastic value and includes 39 total pieces, including artillery shells, roman candles, repeaters, fountains, and spinners!

Exact contents may vary.


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Hyperspace launches 6 colorful, multi-staged blasts of 6 shots each, filling the sky with crackling mines, brocades, and glitter!
Colors Duration 25 Seconds Effects Mine, Crackle, Glitter, Comet Tails, Brocade Shots 36

The Founders

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As low as $35.99
The Founders is an assortment of 6 500-gram repeaters with 12 shots for hard-hitting breaks in every cake!

Available individually or as a set of 6.

Duration 30 Seconds Shots 12
Majestic Brocades delivers 9 booming shots of incredible gold brocades with silver glitter. The first 6 shots are fired individually, followed by a massive 3-shot finale.
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 9
A collection of 12 6" double-break canister shells with incredible effects!
No. of Breaks 24 No. of Launchers 2 No. of Shells 12 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Double Break

Rotary Cannon

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Rotary Cannon features 668 continuous shots of chrysanthemum crackle lasting a total of 40 seconds!
Colors Duration 40 Seconds Effects Crackle Shots 668
Gun Deck is a fantastic value including a total of 33 pieces: three 200-gram repeaters, six 500-gram repeaters, twelve premium artillery shells, and twelve 60-gram canister shells!

Exact contents may vary.

High Falutin'

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A display of red, green and blue tails to red, green and blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold and purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a 14-shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers.
Colors Duration 45 Seconds Shots 49
A long, continuous strip of 1,000 firecrackers! When unrolled, these firecrackers go off continuously for about a minute.

1849 Gold Rush

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1849 Gold Rush fills the sky with a fantastic, all-gold display! The first 12 shots alternate between gold tails to brocades with strobe and gold tails to charcoal palms with strobe, finishing with a 4-shot finale.
Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 16
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