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Welcome to the Superior Accessories page. This page is for use when placing a retail fireworks order (with higher HazMat shipping prices). If you would like to purchase sparklers, confetti, or other novelty items from this category (without purchasing any firework items), please visit our Superior Celebrations website. is designed for orders of our sparklers and novelty items - without the higher shipping prices of our fireworks website (firework items are not available on
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New Year's Early Sale
$1.50 $1.20
The Safety Shooter is the perfect launcher tube for Roman candles and small rockets. The attached spike allows the user to firmly secure it into the ground. It accommodates most Roman candles, and rockets up to 24 inches in length.
Unit Each
New Year's Early Sale
$44.70 $35.76
5-meter electric ignitors that work with most remote firing systems. They are specifically made for consumer fireworks and clip right onto the fuse with a tight hold - no taping required!
(Wiring Note: these are best run in parallel instead of series)
Unit Pack of 50
New Year's Early Sale
$6.59 $5.27
Fuse Connex are great for helping put your show together! These "X" shaped clamps tie multiple fuses together, and are designed so that the fuses pass fire without all the hassles of zip ties, tape, or other means of connecting fuses.
Unit Pack of 10
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