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Online Ordering Information

Our website provides an easy and convenient way to buy fireworks for your next event! You have access to our full product catalog and up-to-date item availability, plus videos and reviews to make decisions easy. When you have it all picked out, you can order and pay online and we'll call to let you know when it's ready.

All online orders can be picked up at our store in Orange Park, FL during normal store hours. Please bring a photo ID when you visit. You must be 18 to purchase fireworks.

We are often asked if we can ship fireworks. Although we can't ship individual fireworks from our store, we do offer a couple of options that may work for your needs:

  • For novelty items like sparklers, smoke, and confetti cannons, you can order online at Superior Celebrations.
  • For other fireworks, we offer nationwide distribution through our wholesale division. Visit our wholesale fireworks store for more information.

Whether you order online or in our store, you will be asked to agree to our terms of sale. When you agree to our terms of sale, you are stating that you have all necessary permits. It is then your responsibility, not that of Superior Fireworks, to ensure that you can legally possess fireworks. People not having permits where required run the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to us.

To avoid confiscation or possible fines, make sure that fireworks are legal in your area. We do not know all the exact county and local laws in your area and are not responsible for the use of our merchandise.

BE SAFE with your fireworks. Please remember that fireworks are fun, but not toys. Always read and follow the directions on the item labels, and never let children play with fireworks! For more information on celebrating safely with fireworks, visit the American Pyrotechnics Safety and Education Foundation.