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Each pack has a dozen super-loud, M-200 firecrackers.
1 Review
Single-light firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co. that come in packs of 100.
Unit Pack of 100

Detonation Cracker

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This is a VERY LOUD 300 firecracker "head bomb" in which all the firecrackers go off at once!
Unit Bundle of 7
1 Review
A long, continuous strip of 1,000 firecrackers! When unrolled, these firecrackers go off continuously for about a minute.
5 Reviews
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.
80 packs of 16 firecrackers.
Each brick has 20 strips of 100 firecrackers.
An impressive roll of 4,582 firecrackers. Unlike other firecracker rolls, Celebration Crackers finish with a loud head bomb, with hundreds of firecrackers going off simultaneously!
A large roll of 4,000 high-quality firecrackers that lasts a full minute! They come in a package that looks like a jumbo firecracker with a rope fuse.
A HUGE roll of 16,000 firecrackers that lasts more than 10 minutes!
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