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$1.42 $1.14
Each pack has a dozen super-loud, M-200 firecrackers.
$1.75 $1.40
Single-light firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co. that come in packs of 100.
Unit Pack of 100

Detonation Cracker

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$12.42 $9.94
This is a VERY LOUD 300 firecracker "head bomb" in which all the firecrackers go off at once!
Unit Bundle of 7
1 Review
$7.72 $6.18
A long, continuous strip of 1,000 firecrackers! When unrolled, these firecrackers go off continuously for about a minute.
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$6.49 $3.89
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.
$11.90 $9.52
80 packs of 16 firecrackers.
$16.70 $13.36
Each brick has 20 strips of 100 firecrackers.
$29.99 $23.99
An impressive roll of 4,582 firecrackers. Unlike other firecracker rolls, Celebration Crackers finish with a loud head bomb, with hundreds of firecrackers going off simultaneously!
$36.91 $29.53
A large roll of 4,000 high-quality firecrackers that lasts a full minute! They come in a package that looks like a jumbo firecracker with a rope fuse.
$99.95 $79.96
A HUGE roll of 16,000 firecrackers that lasts more than 10 minutes!
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