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Not able to pick up your order at our store? Some of our novelty items can be shipped! Visit our Superior Celebrations website for sparklers, confetti cannons, smoke, and other unique products for your next celebration.
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These extra-long, 36" morning glory sparklers burn with multiple colors and effects.
Unit Pack of 6

Hen Laying Eggs

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A fun novelty hen that shoots a shower of golden sparks with whistle along with red and green "eggs"!
Colors Duration 2 Seconds Unit 24 Pack

Aerial Boss

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A multi-effect aerial spinner that flies into the air with a bright comet tail, then crackles and bursts into glitter.
Unit Pack of 4


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Zangers spin on the ground with red and green sparks, then zip into the sky in high speed.
Colors Unit Pack of 6
These smoke bombs emit long-lasting red, blue, green, and orange smoke for about one minute!
Colors Duration 60 Seconds Size 5 x 1 x 8 in. Unit Pack of 4

Space Capsule

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Space Capsule is a uniquely-designed aerial spinner that spins on the ground with a shower of sparks before launching into the air with a whistling, silver tail.
Size 5.50 x 5.50 x 3 in. Unit Pack of 4
As low as $1.13
Extra-loud "adult" snappers packed in blister packs instead of bags of sawdust for safe handling. Available in single pack of 20 snappers or a box of 24 packs.
The classic snappers that everyone knows and loves. A fun noisemaker that you throw on the ground for a satisfying pop! 6 packs of 50 snaps each, for a total of 300 snaps.
Unit 6 Packs of 50 Snappers
Snappers are a classic novelty that make a small "pop" when thrown on the ground. Each bulk pack includes 50 small boxes of 50 snappers each.

10" Gold Sparklers

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10" gold sparklers are a must-have for any celebration. They are made with a wire core, so they give off minimal smoke while burning with a bright gold sparkle.
Colors Duration 50 Seconds Size 10 x 1.75 x 4.75 in. Unit 96 Sparklers Per Pack
Star-shaped sparklers are perfect for any celebration! Simply light them at the tip and enjoy the golden sparkle as it burns down both sides of the star.
Colors Duration 45 Seconds Size 10" Total Length, 3.5" x 3.5" Star Unit 72 Sparklers Per Pack
This classic novelty produces a trail of ash as it burns that resembles a snake! Each pack includes 6 different colors.
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