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$4.70 $3.76
Flabagaster produces gold, silver, red, & green sparks followed by plenty of loud gold crackling.
$11.19 $8.95
High Ball is a flame-drop fountain that sprays gold and silver sparks with red and blue flame-drops. This fountain is one of our favorites!

America's Fountain

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$12.44 $9.95
America's Fountain displays fiery, red and blue flame-drops with a white shower of sparks. A great, patriotic addition to any celebration!
$13.72 $10.98
Fish Out of Water is entirely a "flame-drop" or "lava" fountain. It features red, green, gold, blue and purple flame-drops. The colors in this fountain are outstanding!
$12.93 $10.34
This fountain packs a punch, spraying effects higher than any other fountain we carry! Effects include: blue stars, gold and silver showers, green stars, red stars, and gold crackling.
$17.86 $14.29
Crescent Moon is another unique fountain from Brothers. Shaped like a crescent moon, this fountain sprays shimmering gold sparks, green stars, and gold crackling in a fan-shape while it uses small burst to rock the fountain from side to side.
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$29.65 $23.72
Party Pyrometer is a big, fan-shaped 500 gram fountain with tons of show. Effects include, red and green stars with shimmering gold sparks; red torches with white fountains; gold shimmering; crackling - and more!
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$14.38 $11.50
Bigfoot is a large fountain with tons of color and effects. It features multi-color torches, white fountains, shimmering gold sparks, multi-color "bees" (almost a "warp" effect), and a finale of gold crackle!
$16.87 $13.50
Talisman is a large fountain, featuring a 2-minute burn time and loaded with colors and effects! It starts with red, green, and blue flame-drops, and transitions into rounds of assorted color stars and crackling. Colors include: red, green, blue, gold, silver, yellow, purple, and orange.
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$15.54 $12.43
Set the fuse, and the Klock goes off. Krazy Klock starts with the hands of the Klock spinning with silver sparks (like a mini wheel). The second stage is green & red flares with whistling to green, red, & blue flame torches. The finale is bright silver sparks followed by gold crackling.


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$26.83 $21.46
Behemoth is a 500-gram fountain that last for about 1 1/2 minutes. It has a strong, high spray with lots of green, blue, red, gold, and crackle.
$3.69 $2.95
Two each of three different fountains that provide awesome performance for their small size.
Colors Duration 13 Seconds Unit Pack of 6
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