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No. of Launchers
No. of Shells
Shell Diameter
Shell Style

Sea to Shining Sea

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Sea to Shining Sea, bursts into action with a sweeping barrage of whistling, silver comet tails; followed by a barrage of crisscrossing color comets; finishing with 3 huge blue color bursts with silver glitter!
Colors Shots 113

Crazy Exciting

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1 Review
Crazy Exciting fires a 2-level effect. Each shot has a lower-level mine with color tips that fires up to a matching color break. The last round features a quick-paced volley of crackling mines to crackling breaks!
Colors Shots 25


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1 Review
Silver swirling flowers to silver glitter.
3 Reviews
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.
The classic, 10-ball Roman candle featuring alternating shots of red and green stars.
Colors Shots 10 Unit 6 per Pack
America's Celebration features 12 shots of massive Red, White, & Blue bursts - finishing with a huge 3-shot finale!
Colors Shots 12


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Honor, fires alternating shots of red chrysanthemums with white pistils, and blue chrysanthemums with white pistils. The last 2 shots fire simultaneously.
Colors Shots 9

Crack of Dawn

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A truly impressive 16-shot repeater with brocade and gold willows to blue stars, and brocade and gold willows to green glitter.
Colors Duration 45 Seconds Shots 16

Global Warmer

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A Brothers Heavy Weight 500-gram repeater featuring red stars to silver glittering willows, green stars to red glittering willows then red, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange palms followed by four shots of red and silver glittering willows ending with a four-shot finale of yellow stars.
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 24

Killer Alligator

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Killer Alligator fires 25 whistling silver tails that break loudly into large, multi-colored bursts. A fantastic item!
Colors Shots 25

Mine Craft

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Mine Craft is a unique set of 6 different tulip-style artillery shells. Each shell blasts out of the tube with a brilliant mine effect to assorted color breaks with crackle and glitter.
No. of Launchers 1 No. of Shells 6 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Tulip
Each rocket displays a double ring, artillery-style break in the sky. Effects include:
  • Red Ring/Gold Ring
  • Red Ring/Green Ring
  • Green Ring/Gold Ring
  • Purple Ring/Gold Ring
Unit Pack of 4
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