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Hammer of Thunder
Code: A-SX01172

Hammer of Thunder

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No. of Launchers 4
No. of Shells 24
Shell Diameter 1.75"
Shell Style Canister
 Hammer of Thunder delivers 24 of the most powerful canister shells on the market, including 24 assorted effects with massive breaks.
  • Charcoal Palm to Purple and Green Stars
  • Gold Strobing Willow
  • Red and Green Crackling Palm
  • Time Rain Willow
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Red Strobe
  • Sea Blue & Lemon Yellow with Red Strobe
  • Gold Palm with Colorful Stars, White Glitter, and Red Strobe
  • Red Glittering Willow with Crackle
  • Gold Willow to Neon Peony with White Strobe
  • Neon Peony to Crackle
  • Willow with Strobe
  • Gold Willow to Green with Gold Strobe
  • Red, Green, and Blue with Gold Strobe
  • Teal and Magenta with Gold Strobe
  • Teal and Yellow Dahlia with White Strobe
  • Brocade Crown
  • Crackle
  • Color Peony and Strobe with Silver Chrysanthemum
  • Green Glitter, Orange Star, and Sea Blue
  • Brocade to Crackling Willow with Red and Green Peony
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Sea Blue and Green Strobe
  • Neon Multi-Color Peony
  • Gold Titanium Willow
  • Charcoal Palm with Red and Blue Stars
Hammer of Thunder Video



I would definitely buy this again

This was great. Loved the power behind these ones.


Middleburg Florida

This was a great mix of colors and the bang nice and loud

It could have been a little bit higher in its flight but was overall a good purchase


Jacksonville Florida


Very cool. Nice bright color. Big. Loud.




I've shot several different mortars over the years and these are definitely up there with the best of them,my whole street was put on notice with these!


Middleburg, FL

Beautiful Long Lasting Show

This was the bulk of our New Year's Celebration Fireworks! We had 3 people setting up and lighting them off, and it took a good 20 minutes for the whole show! They were gorgeous, easily the best we have ever had!!! Each one was different and the colors were so vibrant!!!

Old Timer



Big Spread, multiple effects and loud! Absolutely the loudest and best spread mortar value I have ever seen- period. I historically would not shoot mortars (I think its too much trouble to prepare each shot) but the recommendation of Superior's staff inspired me and it was impressive. Safety note: I always shoot mortars by securing shooting tubes inside a conventional cinder block purchased at your home improvement store.

Tanysha LivinlifeandlovinIt Davis


We will be buying this product again

The loudness the colors and effects were amazing. This item was well worth it not to mention we got the 🔨 of thunder and the American firepower for 100 dollars due to a sale they were having. This may be our new favorite.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Service/Delivery Comments The gentleman at superior are great and very knowledgeable about what they sell. This is the only place I get my fireworks from due to the fantastic customer service and quality. I give them 2👍's ⬆️ and 10 ⭐️'s

5 Overall Rating