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Whistling Moon Traveler
Code: GGA071802

Whistling Moon Traveler

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Unit Pack of 144
Screaming rockets with report.


Sam the bottlerocket bazooka

Jacksonville Fl

Great fun for cheap be lacking a little power

Udddhey are fun but i can say that Black Cats version of these have more initial thrust and get moving much quciker, travel about 30% further before second charge detonates and travels about 50% faster... These plastic encapsulates type rockets normally have notably more power/thrust and these are lacking in that dept. We use then in custom made tubes that fit the rockets very well so they fly very straight but with these in order to get that flat shot we had to cut the sticks to half the normal length (removing weight ) the weight loss makes them preform a lot better for our use. The lack of instant thrust that really gets black cats whistling rockets moving makes it much less painful when you get hit because the rocket even with cut stick is moving a good bit slower... I will say this the second change (explosive charge) is A LOT more powerful with these then other brands... We would much rather it be more launch charge/thrust/power and less report charge. The rockets still hit you pretty solid and normally getting hit right when the second charge goes off is of no worry as the rocket impacting you hurts much worse then the charge going off. With these? Lol the charge going off as it hits you feels like the hand of God just flicked you with his Index finger at full power lolol. Their regular bottle rockets are best then these for our purpose as they have a lot of thrust and get moving instantly accelerating really quick and have respectable distance before report charge goes off. To give numbers, these will launch from the tube parallel to the ground with a 10 degree upwards angle will travel about 70 feet before going off and it takes around 1 to 1.25 seconds to travel that distance. SFWs normal bottle rockets will fly about 110 feet and do so nearly flat with very little drop/arch (you don't need that 10 degree uptilt of the tube) and they will cover that same 70 feet in about half the time and reach detonation point of about 110 feet in less then a second.


NE Florida

Keeps predator birds away

They sound similar to an eagle screech which keeps the hawks, owls and ospreys away from my small animals. It works well and I can't get in trouble for shooting protected species.



Ok. Little boring! Lol

3.7 Overall Rating