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Spirit of America
Spirit of America
Spirit of America
Code: JGA021701

Spirit of America

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Spirit of America is a 200-gram repeater assortment with 12 quality items, offering incredible variety and performance at a great price.
  • Space Race 16s: Time rain with multi-colored stars
  • Industrial Revolution 10s: Red and green star to peony
  • Silicon Valley 8s: Silver tail to color palms with strobe
  • American Revolution 8s: Red tails to yellow, green and crackle
  • Declaration of Independence 10s: Blue tail to strobe and blue stars
  • Mount Rushmore 9s: Colorful palms and crackle
  • Statue of Liberty 16s (x2): Colorful palms with strobe and crackle
  • Olde Glory 10s: Bright breaks of blue, red, green, and yellow
  • Let Freedom Ring 20s: Red palm tree and green palm tree
  • American Heartland 10s: Blue mines with big-breaking peonies
  • From Sea to Shining Sea 16s: Tails to crossette, crackle, and stars
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