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500 Gram Repeaters

The 500 Gram Repeater section is a split-category on our website. This section consists of all 500 Gram repeaters that have a shell diameter of 2" or less, and in general, 12 or more shots. The largest displays are in the Finale Racks section of the website (items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range).

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Stop! Look! Listen!

Shots: 23
Colors: Red, Orange, Silver, Pink, Purple, Green
Duration: 45 Seconds
Description: Starting with large breaks of rose-red stars, orange palms with silver and green glitter; then a fan-fired burst of pink and green bursts with crackling; followed by purple palms with silver or green glitter. Three-shot finale of silver tails to rose-red stars with delayed crackle.

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Shots: 9
Description: Immortals is a set of four 9-shot 500-gram repeaters with an incredible mix of colors and effects!

  • Zeus: Powerful color-changing breaks with colored pistils, followed by a powerful 3-shot finale.
  • Prometheus: Blue mines to golden palms and colored pistils, leading up to a 3-shot finale.
  • Helios: Solid-color crackling mines to chrysanthemum breaks with a 3-shot finale.
  • Poseidon: Two alternating effects with color mines to multi-color breaks, plus a 3-shot finale.

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Color Rush

Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Duration: 30 seconds
Description: Color Rush is an explosion of color! Each shot blasts a multi-color mine to a peony featuring mixes of blue, red, green, and yellow with glitter. The last three shots fire simultaneously for a grand finale!

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American Creed

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Gold
Duration: 35 seconds
Description: American Creed is the perfect patriotic display! It launches 4 shots of blue mine to red palm with blue pistil, followed by 4 silver glitter mines to gold willows with silver glitter pistils. The finale fires 4 red and blue mines to massive red, white, and blue breaks with silver glitter.

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Funky World

Shots: 40
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Silver
Description: Funky World fires 6 volleys of brilliant colors and lots of effects. It features colored mines, pistils, glitter, fish... Something for everyone!

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High Voltage

Shots: 25
Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Description: 24 shots of vibrant red, green, yellow, and blue mines to red, green, yellow, and blue breaks with white glitter. It shoots 3 alternating rounds of 5 rapid-fire shots, then 3 simultaneously, with a 4-shot finale.

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American Eagle

Shots: 73
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White
Duration: 25 seconds
Description: This zipper-style repeater fires a round of multi-colored comets over white glitter mines, followed by a burst of white glitter mines with color tips, with a 5-shot finale of multi-colored breaks with white glitter.

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We Want You

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, White
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: This 12-shot repeater gives you three different types of effects: red, blue, and yellow breaks with green glitter; red, yellow, blue, and purple breaks with white glitter; and a gold spide with blue stars plus green and gold glitter. The finale is a 3-shot combination of multi-color breaks with glitter and delay crackle.

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Unstoppable Rider

Shots: 25
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple Yellow
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: Unstoppable Rider launches 5 volleys of 5 shots, with each set offering a new combination of colors. The breaks have a unique brocade pistil with color-changing stars.

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The Armory

Shots: 35
Colors: Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Gold, Yellow
Duration: 15 seconds
Description: A unique, fan-shaped effect that shoots 7 rounds of 5 shots. Each volley includes two brightly-colored comets with tails, topped off by three large breaks. The breaks display a variety of colors and effects, including green and pink with white glitter, blue with orange glitter, gold brocades with glitter, yellow and white, gold spide with blue stars, gold brocades, and green breaks with glitter trails to delay crackle finale.

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Keeping It Real

Shots: 158
Colors: Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Gold
Duration: 25 seconds
Description: A continuous 158-shot zipper with lots of great effects! It starts with multi-colored stars, then whistling tails, followed by blue stars with glittering gold tails, topped off with a finale of red tails to crackle.

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The Jaws

Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Silver
Duration: 35 seconds
Description: This is a 9-shot powerhouse with three different breaks: red and blue with silver glitter, green and pink with silver glitter, and yellow with silver glitter. It features a 2-shot finale.

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Showing 13-24 of 75