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500 Gram Repeaters

The 500 Gram Repeater section is a split-category on our website. This section consists of all 500 Gram repeaters that have a shell diameter of 2" or less, and in general, 12 or more shots. The largest displays are in the Finale Racks section of the website (items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range).

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Keeping It Real

Shots: 158
Colors: Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Gold
Duration: 25 seconds
Description: A continuous 158-shot zipper with lots of great effects! It starts with multi-colored stars, then whistling tails, followed by blue stars with glittering gold tails, topped off with a finale of red tails to crackle.

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The Jaws

Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Silver
Duration: 35 seconds
Description: This is a 9-shot powerhouse with three different breaks: red and blue with silver glitter, green and pink with silver glitter, and yellow with silver glitter. It features a 2-shot finale.

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Crack of Dawn

Shots: 16
Colors: Gold, Blue, Green
Duration: 45 seconds
Description: A truly impressive 16-shot repeater with brocade and gold willows to blue stars, and brocade and gold willows to green glitter.

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Sweet Spot

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Green, Silver, Pink, Purple, Yellow
Duration: 30 seconds
Description: An awesome mix of colors and effects. It shoots the first 6 shots individually, then fires off a 18-shot barrage capped off with a 6-shot finale.

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Shots: 21
Colors: Pink, Red, Green, Silver, Gold
Description: We love this mix of colors, effects, and pacing. It starts with a series of pink, red and green dahlias with silver glitter, then large brocades with green glitter, red and silver glittering willows with crackling, then gold palms with silver glitter. It ends with a three-shot finale of red dahlias with crackling.

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Chasing Booty

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Gold
Duration: 25 seconds
Description: This cake launches a steady stream of 24 shots. The first 12 shots are blue mines to red, white, and blue breaks with glitter, followed by 3 different 4-shot barrages with mines to brocades with red and green tips, gold with glitter, and gold with crackling.

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Loud & Proud

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Silver
Duration: 40 seconds
Description: A great value 500-gram repeater that launches 9 shots, including gold brocades and silver chrysanthemums.

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Shots: 16
Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Description: Proud features glittering mines with blue stars that break into red tipped glittering willows, then red, blue, and purple dahlias with crackle.

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Free Falling

Shots: 28
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver
Description: Free Falling launches 7 volleys of 4 shots, alternating between red and blue dahlias with white glitter.

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Knock Out Assortment

Shots: 36
Colors: Red, Silver, Green, Blue
Description: This assorted case includes one each of four rapid-fire, 36-shot repeaters with a variety of effects:

  • Knock Out: A series of red, silver, and green comets, colored tails to palms, blur stars with fish, then red and green comet tails to time rain.
  • Black Eye: Crackling tails to a mix of red and green peonies with time rain, then crackling tails to red and green palms
  • Out Cold: Whistling tails to alternating red, green, and purple palms with glitter
  • Fat Lip: Whistling tails to red and green palms, with a big chrysanthemum finale

Set of 4
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Ork Skull

Shots: 25
Colors: Red, Green, Gold, Silver
Description: Ork Skull launches 5 shots at a time, filling the sky with red glitter mines to red glitter breaks, green glitter mines to green glitter breaks, golden glitter mines to golden glitter, white glitter mines to white glitter, and ending with crackling mines to silver chrysanthemums.

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Get Some

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold
Description: Nine 2" shells break into beautiful brocade crowns with white strobe.

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