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America Assortment

Description: A perfect assortment for the "under-$100" budget that loads you up with a great selection of artillery shells and repeaters.

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Safe & Sane

Description: This is a quality safe and sane assortment featuring over 30 great Cutting Edge items! Get all the fountains and sparklers you need for a great backyard celebration in this convenient assortment.

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Description: A full lineup of product to entertain the whole family, from novelties and fountains, to repeaters, artillery shells, and tubes!

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Laying Down the Law

Description: Laying Down the Law, has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Cutting Edge products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 saturn missile batteries!

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Heavy Duty

Description: A large assortment of 18 200-gram repeaters, plus a small Mini Magnum Artillery kit. And of course Excalibur, our best-selling shell kit ever. Note that this version of Excalibur has fiberglass tubes rather than the HDPE that's included in the standalone version.

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The Wow Factor

Description: This massive assortments features a collection of incredible items for a complete show! You get a variety of reloadable shells, including canisters, double breaks, and triple breaks. You also get a lineup of Boomer 16-shot 200-gram repeaters, along with a half-dozen of our favorite 500-gram repeaters.

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Description: One of the largest assortments we carry - 13 cakes with at least 200 grams of powder, 8 500-gram cakes, and 46 total artillery shells!

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Description: America packs a lot of variety into a great assortment! It includes sparklers, fountains, a saturn missile battery, a variety of smaller repeaters, plus artillery shells.

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