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Finale Racks

The Finale Rack category is a sub-category of the 500 Gram Repeater section. It includes all 500 Gram, multi-shot items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range (and generally have 9 or fewer shots). All items in this category will essentially be the biggest displays available in consumer fireworks.

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Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Red, Green
Duration: 25 Seconds
Description: Believe delivers 9 massive brocade crown breaks, alternating between red and green glitter inside each shot. It finishes with a two-shot finale.

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Majestic Brocades

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Silver, Blue
Duration: 30 seconds
Description: Majestic Brocades delivers 9 booming shots of incredible gold brocades and palms with elegant touches of silver glitter and blue stars. The first 6 shots are fired individually, followed by a 3-shot finale.

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Tornado Strike

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Green, Gold
Description: Tornado Strike unleashes 9 shots of massive gold brocades with green glitter pistils and delay crackle. It fires it last 3 shots in rapid succession for a big finale!

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Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Blue, White
Description: Honor, fires alternating shots of red chrysanthemums with white pistils, and blue chrysanthemums with white pistils. The last 2 shots fire simultaneously.

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Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Orange
Description: Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty...the description here is more for uniformity's sake than anything. The name tells you all that you really need to know to add this to your order. It fires alternating shots of gold brocades with color stars and glitter; and hard breaking 2-color chrysanthemums. It finishes with a 3 shot finale of gold brocades with multi-color stars and glitter.

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Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Gold
Description: Fanaticon unleashes 9 shots of enormous gold brocades with colored tips; the final 3 shots fire at once for a huge finale! This is one of the best items we carry in the "Finale Rack" category.

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Battle Cry

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Silver
Description: Battle Cry fires 9, thunderous shots that burst into silver glittering chrysanthemums.

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Storm Chaser

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Green, Red, Gold, White
Description: This one kicks off with a massive red-tipped brocade, followed by a green-tipped brocade, then a gold glitter break, a gold willow with crackling pistil, a green burst with crackling pistil, a brocade with green pistil, finishing with a 3-shell finale of gold glitter, red & white stars, and crackling.

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Whacky Tobacky

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Gold, Red
Description: Whacky Tobacky features 9 HUGE gold brocades with red glitter. It fires at a bit faster pace than most 9 shot racks, and features a quick burst, 3-shot finale.

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Field of Dreams

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White
Description: Field of Dreams, fires alternating shots of blue bursts with red crossettes and white glitter, and blue bursts with green crossettes and white glitter. It finishes with a 3-shot finale that fills the sky!

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Big Breaking

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Gold
Description: Big Breaking produces 9 shots of massive gold brocades. The last 3 shots are fired together for a huge finale! (this item replaces Brother's Knockout Brocade that we have carried in years past).

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Fist Bump

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Silver
Description: Fist Bump has 9 massive, pro-style shots. The display includes: red to green color changing wave shell, red glitter burst, willow shell with green glitter pistil, red and silver palm, gold palm with green glitter, gold twinkling-brocade. The finale is 3 shots of red and blue wave shells with silver chrysanthemums and delay-crackling.

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