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Finale Racks

The Finale Rack category is a sub-category of the 500 Gram Repeater section. It includes all 500 Gram, multi-shot items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range (and generally have 9 or fewer shots). All items in this category will essentially be the biggest displays available in consumer fireworks.

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Shots: 9
Colors: Green, Gold, Red
Description: Poison features 9 massive bursts alternating between green chrysanthemum with red glitter pistil, and flashing, green chrysanthemum with gold-crackle pistil. Poison finishes with a huge 3-shot finale!

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Rolling Thunder

Shots: 9 (3" shells)
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Silver, Red
Description: Rolling Thunder displays loud lifts and hard breaks in the sky. This item has 9 shots that are all different; everything from willows and palms, to spinners and peonies.

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Showing 13-14 of 14