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M-5000 Crackers

Description: Each box has 12 super-loud, M-5000 firecrackers.

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Electronic Bomb

Description: Electronic Bomb replaces the Silver Bullet/Max Pop crackers that we have carried the last few years. Electronic Bomb is a much higher quality version of that item, and performs much better. Electronic Bomb is a 3-stage salute cracker that strobes, crackles, and then reports.

Pack of 12
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Mighty Crackers

Description: These are extra loud waterproof firecrackers!

Pack of 100
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Description: This is a VERY LOUD 300 firecracker "head bomb" in which all the firecrackers go off at once!

Bundle of 7
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Cutting Edge 1,000 Firecracker Roll

Description: 1 continuous strip of 1,000 firecrackers!

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Cutting Edge 1/2 Brick

Description: 40 packs of 16 firecrackers. Cutting Edge brand.

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Cutting Edge Firecracker Brick

Description: 80 packs of 16 firecrackers. Cutting Edge brand.

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Cutting Edge 100's Firecracker Brick

Description: 20 strips of 100 firecrackers. Cutting Edge brand.

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4,000 Special Firecrackers

Description: A large roll of 4,000 high-quality firecrackers! They come in a package that looks like a jumbo firecracker with a rope fuse.

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Cutting Edge 16,000 Firecracker Roll

Description: One HUGE roll of 16,000 firecrackers.
This is more than 40 lbs. of firecrackers!

$99.95 Out of Stock
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