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Reloadable Shells

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American Chief

Shells Per Pack: 12
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: A high-end ball shell kit from Brothers with 12 shells of various effects.

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Shells Per Pack: 18
Firing Tubes Included: 3
Description & Effects: Smoke N Mirrors canister shells are maximum-load shells with very large breaks. Effects include: golden willows, time delayed crackling flowers, colorful bouquets, flying fish, and scrambling comets.

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Critical Acclaim

Not Available for 2016

Shells Per Pack: 10
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: Critical Acclaim is a mine shell kit. Each mine fires up to about 35 feet in the air. Effects include: multi-color stars, purple stars, crackling blue stars, gold comet tails, red comet tails, whistling reports, and crackling reports.

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Hardcore Pyro

Shells Per Pack: 60
Firing Tubes Included: 6
Description & Effects: Hardcore Pyro is an artillery shell assortment with a wide variety of effects. It includes canister shells, ball shells, and double & triple-break shells.

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Independence Artillery

Shells Per Pack: 12
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: A quality 12-ball artillery shell kit with an awesome mix of effects. The kit is available with two different packages, "Independence" and "Liberty," each with the same set of shells.

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Showing 25-29 of 29