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Roman Candles

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Flashing Thunder

Shots: 10
Description: Flashing Thunder candles are one of the most appropriately named fireworks ever. These candles fire 10 shots - no colors - just a white flash with a loud report.

6 per pack
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Blue Thunder

Shots: 10
Description: The name says is all - blue stars that report!

6 per pack
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Red, White, & Blue Candle

Shots: 10
Description: These candles feature 10 shots of red, white, and blue comets with tails!

6 per pack
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Crackling Candles

Shots: 10
Description: These candles fire loud, crackling comets.

4 per pack
$4.75 Out of Stock

Flying Fish Candles

Shots: 5
Description: These big-bore candles fire into the air and burst into assorted color "flying fish". A very unique effect!

4 per pack
$7.45 Out of Stock

Pyro Paintballs

Shots: 7
Description: Pyro Paintball's colorful effects include: blue, green, white, and red crackling comets.

Pack of 10
$11.21 Out of Stock

Roman Candle/Rocket Tube

Description: This spiked tube can be used for the safe lighting of Roman Candles and rockets.

$1.00 Out of Stock

Cosmic Tails

Description: Cosmic Tails is a 5-pack of 5-ball Roman candles featuring silver comet tails to assorted effects.

  • Red Comet with Tail
  • Green Comet with Tail
  • Gold Comet with Tail
  • Crackling Comet with Tail
  • Glittering Comet with Tail

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Showing 13-20 of 20