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New Year's Red Tag Sale

Visit our store in Orange Park, FL or shop online to save 40% off these Red Tag Sale items while they last!

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An angled display of crackling brocade mines, red and silver glitter and blue with crackling willows.
Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 9
Majestic Brocades delivers 9 booming shots of incredible gold brocades with silver glitter. The first 6 shots are fired individually, followed by a massive 3-shot finale.
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 9
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.
The classic, 10-ball Roman candle featuring alternating shots of red and green stars.
Colors Shots 10 Unit 6 per Pack

Wind Up

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Wind Up delivers a colorful, non-stop display of 36 shots of red tails to multicolored stars and silver or green glitter, and multicolored palms. Ends with a six-shot finale of red and crackling.
Colors Duration 55 Seconds Shots 36
This massive assortments features a collection of incredible items for a complete show! You get a variety of reloadable shells, including canisters, double breaks, and triple breaks. You also get a lineup of Boomer 16-shot 200-gram repeaters, along with a half-dozen of our favorite 500-gram repeaters.

Exact contents may vary.

Laying Down the Law, has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Cutting Edge products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 saturn missile batteries!

Exact contents may vary.

America's Celebration features 12 shots of massive Red, White, & Blue bursts - finishing with a huge 3-shot finale!
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 12

Plum Blossoms

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Sold Individually Plum Blossoms are triangle-shaped, 500-gram repeaters with 19 shots of color comet to aerial breaks with lace or glitter.
Colors Duration 35 Seconds Shots 19
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