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Spirit of America

Description: Spirit of America is a 200-gram repeater assortment with 12 quality items, offering incredible variety and performance at a great price.

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Patriotic Fanfare

Shots: 25
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Patriotic Fanfare is a red, white, and blue celebration! This 350-gram repeater launches fan-shaped rows of 5 shots, boasting low-level mines with streaking gold tails that burst into color stars with time-rain crackle.

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300-Shot Saturn Missile Battery

Shots: 300
Colors: Silver
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: The classic Saturn Missile Battery is a favorite for fireworks fans of all ages, and the 300-shot size is a perfect balance of duration and value. It starts with a slower pace of whistling, silver tails to reports, and builds in intensity to a rapid-fire finale.

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100-Shot Saturn Missile Battery

Shots: 100
Description: 100 rapid-fire shots with whistle and report.

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Victory Celebration

Shots: 37
Description: Victory Celebration fires 37 shots into the sky that burst into parachutes with colored flares!

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Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Yellow
Duration: 25 Seconds
Description: Mafia fires alternating shots of red and blue with gold glitter, pink and green with gold glitter, and red and yellow with gold glitter. It finishes with a 4-shot finale of red glitter palms.

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Shots: 16
Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: A great 16-shot repeater with assorted effects and colors: pink with white glitter, blue and white, yellow crossettes with pink glitter, and a finale of pink crossettes to delay crackle.

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Political Chaos

Shots: 6
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Silver
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: A fantastic 6-shot value! Political Chaos features two alternating effects with vibrant comet tails and glitter.

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Deadly Wings

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Green
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Deadly Wings features 12 shots of crackling tails that break into alternating red and green palms with chrysanthemum crackle. It finishes up with a three-shot finale.

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Drain Bamaged

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Yellow, Gold, Blue
Description: Drain Bamaged features 30 shots of red dahlias with white glitter, yellow dahlias with gold glitter, a vibrant red with sky blue, and crackling.

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Jaw Breaker

Shots: 25
Description: Jaw Breaker delivers crackling tails to multi-colored bouquets with a rapid-fire 10-shot finale. Absolutely our favorite product at this price point!

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Night Shift

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, Blue, White
Description: Night Shift launches 24 shots in 6 alternating volleys of red tails to bouquets, blue tails to bouquets, and white tails to bouquets. Volleys alternate between a 5-shot burst and a 3-shot fan pattern.

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