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Packs of colorful, 17" sparklers. The gold one is a traditional sparkler; the green, red, and blue are colored torches (fluorescent flame with less "sparkle" effect).
Colors Duration 55 Seconds Unit 4 Sparklers Per Pack
These specially formulated sparklers are perfect for bottle service and cake presentations. They burn with a near-smokeless, gold-sparkling flame for about 45 seconds. They measure 7.5" long and .5" in diameter and burn for about 45 seconds with a 6" to 9" sparkling gold flame.
Colors Duration 45 Seconds

10" Gold Sparklers

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10" gold sparklers are a must-have for any celebration. They are made with a wire core, so they give off minimal smoke while burning with a bright gold sparkle.
Colors Duration 50 Seconds Unit 96 Sparklers Per Pack
These 10" color sparklers come in three colors (red, green, and gold) - 4 boxes of each color.
Colors Duration 40 Seconds Unit 96 Sparklers Per Pack
These high-quality, 20-inch sparklers are perfect for weddings! They last about 2 minutes with a nearly smokeless golden sparkle, and add a touch of elegance and excitement to any wedding exit.
Colors Duration 120 Seconds Unit 72 Sparklers Per Pack
36" gold, wire sparklers are the longest sparklers available! They burn for well over 3 minutes with a near-smokeless gold sparkle and are perfect for weddings and other celebrations.
Colors Duration 180 Seconds Unit Pack of 40
Star-shaped sparklers are perfect for any celebration! Simply light them at the tip and enjoy the golden sparkle as it burns down both sides of the star.
Colors Duration 45 Seconds Unit 72 Sparklers Per Pack
These heart-shaped, wire sparklers burn almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions! When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart, creating double the sparkle of a regular sparkler!
Colors Duration 45 Seconds Unit 72 Sparklers Per Pack
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