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Memorial Day Fireworks Sale

Visit our store in Orange Park, FL or shop online May 27-30 to save 40% off these Red Tag Sale items while they last.

Plus, get 20% off everything else in our store!

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Shell Diameter
Shell Style
$98.64 $78.91
New Compact Packaging!
The Great American Fireworks Co.'s entry into the 5" shell market, with 24 premium, max-load shells you have to see—and hear—to believe!
No. of Launchers 4 No. of Shells 24 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Canister
Red Tag Sale

American Creed

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$40.44 $24.26
American Creed is the perfect patriotic display! It launches 4 shots of red and blue glittering mines to red palm with blue pistil, followed by 4 silver glitter mines to gold willows with silver glitter pistils. The finale fires 4 red and blue mines to massive red, white, and blue breaks with silver glitter.
Colors Duration 35 Seconds Shots 12 Size 9.25 x 9.25 x 9 in.
$53.28 $42.62
Majestic Brocades delivers 9 booming shots of incredible gold brocades with silver glitter. The first 6 shots are fired individually, followed by a massive 3-shot finale.
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 9
$54.92 $43.94
Nighttime Spectacular delivers 5 volleys of 4 shots each featuring colorful, glittering breaks with horse tail pistils, finishing with a crackling time-rain finale.
Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 20 Size 15.50 x 10.25 x 9 in.
$93.16 $74.53
A collection of 3 favorite Brothers 350-gram repeaters: Old Ironsides, Current Events, and Irish Legend.
Colors Effects Glitter, Brocade, Bouquet, Crackle Shots 30 Unit 3-Pack
$59.31 $47.45
An opening salvo of whistling, crackling missiles for 30 seconds, followed by vivid red, green, and blue tails with whistle and crackle for an intense display!
Colors Duration 90 Seconds Shots 750 Size 14 x 12 x 3 in.


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$25.25 $20.20
An angled display of crackling brocade mines, red and silver glitter and blue with crackling willows.
Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 9 Size 9 x 9 x 7 in.
Red Tag Sale
$4.37 $2.62
A patriotic display featuring 10 shots of red, white, and blue stars.
Colors Shots 10 Size 4 x .75 x 17.50 in.
Red Tag Sale
$6.76 $4.06
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.

Wind Up

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$61.62 $49.30
Wind Up delivers a colorful, non-stop display of 36 shots of red tails to multicolored stars and silver or green glitter, and multicolored palms. Ends with a six-shot finale of red and crackling.
Colors Duration 55 Seconds Shots 36

Apollo 13

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$78.35 $62.68
Glittering tails to gold willows with alternating red strobe pistil, white strobe pistil, and blue stars, with a 3-shot finale
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Effects Glitter, Willow, Strobe Shots 12
$12.50 $10.00
Festival Balls are a great value for entry-level artillery, including 1.5" ball shells with colorful breaks.
Colors No. of Launchers 1 No. of Shells 6 Shell Diameter 1.5" Shell Style Ball Size 4.50 x 4.25 x 10.25 in.
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