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500 Gram Repeaters

The 500 Gram Repeater section is a split-category on our website. This section consists of all 500 Gram repeaters that have a shell diameter of 2" or less, and in general, 12 or more shots. The largest displays are in the Finale Racks section of the website (items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range).

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Customary Enforcer

Shots: 75
Colors: Gold, Red, Green, Blue
Description: We're not gonna lie, Customary Enforcer is a weird name for a firework; however, its performance more than makes up for its odd name. This cake rips back & forth with quick volleys of crossettes, horse tails, falling leaves, and multi-color breaks. A great finale piece!

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Shots: 27
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, White
Description: Gunsmoke starts with a barrage of red, glitter mines; then fires shells that burst into red stars with green glitter; followed by another barrage of red, glitter mines. It closes out with blue tails that burst into blue stars with white glitter; another blast of red, glitter mines; and a volley of purple tails that break into gold crackle with purple stars!

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Fighting Rooster

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, Gold
Description: Fighting Rooster churns out shots in quick succession, with a 2-layer barrage of gold, crackling mines up to multi-color bursts (blue, green, and red) with white glittering. The final 5 shots blast off at once for a nice finale!

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Smokin' Hot

Shots: 30
Colors: Gold, Green, Blue, Red
Description: Smokin' Hot blazes through it's 30 shot payload, sweeping back & forth with color palm breaks and glitter! The final row features crackling gold brocades. A great finale piece!

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Scuba Diver

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Description: 12 shots of silver tails to red chrysanthemum, green chrysanthemum, and gold chrysanthemum, plus a 4-shot finale.

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Party Favor

Shots: 49
Colors: Blue, Gold
Description: A left & right sweeping, fan-shaped barrage of blue star-mines breaking into big brocade crowns. An outstanding new item, and a must have!

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Imperial Wizard

Shots: 16
Colors: Gold, Blue, Green, Silver, Orange, Purple
Description: Imperial Wizard fires 16 shots that break into gold, green, and silver glitter with matched blue, purple, orange, and sea-blue stars - ends with a finale of 4 shots of crackling willows.

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American Rhythm

Shots: 156
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Gold
Description: American Rhythm unleashes alternating rows of red, white, and blue comets - sweeping back & forth in a "Z" pattern. For a finale, the last six shots fire simultaneously, breaking into gold willows!

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Galaxy Buster

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold
Description: Galaxy Buster lights up the sky with huge multi-color bursts with delay-crackling. Each break has bright, vivid colors!

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Loyal To None

Shots: 33
Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Gold, & Silver
Description: Loyal To None, starts with color breaks & snow flakes, then fires gold & silver flying fish with crackling, & finishes with three large wave shells.

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Shots: 180
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Description: 180 fan-fired shots of golden waterfalls with colored tips. Fires in rows from the center outwards (both right and left) creating a wall of fire! Not a very loud item, but an awesome effect!

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Combat Zone

AKA Cutting Edge Battle Zone

Shots: 210
Colors: Red, Green
Description: Combat Zone displays a furious barrage of 210 criss-crossing red and green comets!

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Showing 49-60 of 66