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4th of July Backpack

Description: A fun assortment of assorted novelty items conveniently packed in a backpack. The pack includes a great selection of classic items like: tanks, hen laying egg, and even an aircraft carrier!

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Loaded for Fun

Description: This is a fun collection of items, including sparklers, several small fountains, saturn missiles, snaps, a tank, and even a mini artillery kit!

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Neon Lights

Description: Neon Lights is a small "safe & sane" assortment, comprised of 15 small fountains with 2 boxes of snap & pops, and 4 party poppers. It’s a great low-end assortment for areas that cannot sell aerial items.

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Star Light

Safe and Sane

Description: A great collection of fountains and novelties that is perfect for a family-friendly fireworks celebration. It includes all the basics: sparklers, cuckoos, party poppers, snaps, and fountains.

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Rocket Time

Description: This assortment comes with 29 assorted Boomer brand bottle rockets and 3 aerial spinners.

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Rocket Assault

Description: An assortment of rockets with different sizes and effects - everything from small, bottle rockets to large sky rockets. 72 rockets total (including 36 small, bottle rockets).

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Killer Value Assortment

Description: Killer Value has a little of everything: sparklers, fountains, roman candles, snap & pops, ground spinners, rockets, firecrackers & flashing signals.

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Two For The Show

Description: Two for the Show, is a small bag assortment with a little of everything: Fountains, Sparklers, Snappers, Roman Candles, a small Repeater, and some novelty items.

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Full Power

Description: Full Power is perfect for a backyard celebration! It packs a little bit of everything: fountains, aerials, and some small smoke and novelty items - all at a fantastic price point!

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Spirit of America

Description: Spirit of America is a 200-gram repeater assortment with 12 quality items, offering incredible variety and performance at a great price.

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Team Sniper

Description: Team Sniper contains 4 popular 200-gram repeaters, plus a 6-shell World Class artillery shell kit. It's a great value!

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Stars & Stripes

Description: Stars and Stripes should be a part of every fireworks celebration. This great little assortment includes everything you need for a great show. Fountains, small cakes and even some artillery will be sure to give everyone something they enjoy!

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