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Night Shift

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, Blue, White
Description: Night Shift launches 24 shots in 6 alternating volleys of red tails to bouquets, blue tails to bouquets, and white tails to bouquets. Volleys alternate between a 5-shot burst and a 3-shot fan pattern.

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Biggest and Brightest Assortment

Shots: 16
Description: This collection includes 6 repeaters with assorted effects:

  • Big: White glitter with red peony, white glitter with blue stars
  • Bigger: Alternating red and green palms with chrysanthemum
  • Biggest: Brocade crown with red peony
  • Bright: Colorful peonies
  • Brighter: Purple stars with green glitter, blue stars with red glitter
  • Brightest: Blue stars with silver fish, crackling with chrysanthemum

Pack of 6
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Super Duty

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Gold
Description: Super Duty features a heavy payload of alternating gold delay-crackling stars, green breaks, and blue breaks. It finishes with a five-shot, rapid-fire finale!

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Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold
Description: Electricity fires 16 shots, each with gold tails that burst into crackling color breaks of red, green, or blue.

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Keep Digging

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Green, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple
Description: Keep Digging, is a 2-level repeater. It fires multi-color mines with glitter up to multi-color breaks with glitter and crackle!

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Shots: 9
Colors: Gold, Green, White, Blue
Description: Special fires alternating shots of brocades with green, white, and blue glitter.

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Shots: 19
Colors: Red, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Gold
Description: Hypnotic, fires at a fairly quick pace - featuring red & white bursts, crackling tails to crackling bursts, green & purple breaks, and yellow & green breaks.

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Nervous Waters

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Blue, White
Description: Nervous Waters fires 16 shots of red, white and blue burst with loud reports.

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Flirting With Greatness

Shots: 8
Colors: Red, Purple, Gold
Description: This item fires silver tiger tails that burst into red and purple palms with white glitter.

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Absolute Evil

Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Blue, White, Silver
Description: Absolute Evil fires silver, swirling tails that break into red, white, and blue stars. It finishes with a 4-shot finale.

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Night Life

Shots: 16
Colors: Green, Red, Silver, Blue
Description: Night Life keeps the party going with 16 shots of swirling gold tails that break into multi-color bursts. It finishes with a 4-shot finale

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Symphony of Shots

Shots: 19
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold
Description: Symphony of Shots features green glittering mines to gold brocades, color mines to gold brocades, red glitter mines to gold brocades, and sea blue mines to gold brocades.

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Showing 13-24 of 36