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10% Early Order Discount!

Our annual 10% early-order discount for wholesale orders is back!

February has arrived, and with it, our updated wholesale catalog for the 2013 year! Most of the new 2013 product coming in has been added to the website, though we are still waiting on pictures for many of them. This year, we may have a few late arriving new items, and we will wait to post those until we have a confirmation as to if/when they will be actually be in. You can call our offices to get more information on those items (904-213-0615).

As we have done the last few years, all wholesale fireworks orders placed from 2/1 to 2/28 will get a 10% early-order discount, which is on top of any quantity discounts that may also apply to your order. We are better stocked at this point in February than we have been the last few years, so early orders should ship earlier this year, than in years past. Fuel has already started to climb as we get closer to the spring, so taking your order as early as possible will save you some money on freight charges by getting it shipped before fuel surcharges hit their high point. Our prices also increased this year. For the most part, we held 2011 prices over to 2012, so this is our first across-the-board price increase in a couple of years. Ordering early will definitely help offset those increases as well.

2013, will be an exciting year here at Superior Fireworks. We are bringing in more new items this season, than we have in any of the previous 4-5 seasons. In addition to that, we are substantially upgrading our web platform and back-end systems. Stay tuned to our blog, as we will have a few more posts this month on new changes, features, products, and promotions that we will be introducing this year!

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