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New for 2017: Vendetta

New for 2017: Vendetta

When you’re running a backyard fireworks show, you want to end your evening big — brilliant effects and rumbling report.

Vendetta is just the 500-gram repeater to do it. This powerful, 20-shot cake from SFX Fireworks has soared into the new year ready to take on whatever duties you assign it as you prepare for your July 4th spectacular.

Four Volleys of Variety

One of the reasons we’ve tagged Vendetta as a literal show-stopper is because it hits all the sweet spots you want out of a fireworks show: colorful breaks, big report and layers that provide scale.

Vendetta has four powerful volleys that launch three levels of effects into the air: low- and mid-level mines and two angled shots end with some seriously powerful aerial breaks.

Amazing Color

One of the things you’ll love about this 500-gram repeater are the vivid colors featured in each effect. The four layers of mines fired with each volley give off a crisp gold color with quick hits of blue.

The aerial breaks exhibit the same level of brightness. Beautiful gold brocades lead the way, followed by red and blue strobes, shimmering gold crackle and a silver palm with blue stars.

Pro-Style Report

Vendetta’s aggressive colors and effects are matched by the booming report you get from this cake. Every aerial effect begins with a massive boom.

While Vendetta is a consumer-level firework, the quality and consistency of its effects give you a pro-style feel at just a fraction of the cost.

Pricing and Availability

Vendetta is currently in stock and available to buy for our wholesale customers. You get two per case for $69.40.

Availability is limited, and with our 10% Early Order discount going on now until Feb. 28, you’ll want to grab a few Vendettas for your stash before the savings drop to 5% on March 1.

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