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New for 2017: A Triple-Header from Brothers

New for 2017! A Triple-Header from Brothers

Brothers fans, it’s time to triple up.

This year we’re offering three new products from the Brothers line we think you’ll love: Publicity Stunt, Stop! Look! Listen! and Skybolt.

All three of these fireworks have the quality and consistency we’ve come to love from Brothers.

Publicity Stunt

This 500-gram cake packs 32 shots, and none of them disappoint.

Each shot has either golden tails or crackling tails that give way to golden brocades and crackling bursts. You’ll get some well-placed green strobes at the end of the crackling effects, too.

What we really enjoy about this Brothers cake is its pacing. Each round of volleys has a different number of shots ranging from one to four, with a big five-shot finale.

Breaks hit at evenly-spaced intervals, but they also sneak in rapid-fire brocades and crackles.

Publicity Stunt has solid effects and great timing, two things you’ll appreciate as you put together your show.

Stop! Look! Listen!

This 26-shot cake lives up to its name.

It starts with a series of five rose-red stars to get everyone’s attention. Then, it fan-fires bright bursts of shimmering pink and green with crackles.

The cake moves through a few purple palms with accompanying silver and green glitter before ending with a powerful three-shot finale that finishes up with delayed crackle.

Brothers did a great job of thinking through the effects in this cake; you don’t want to leave it out of your stash.


You might remember these from last year — Skybolt was in our catalog but it missed production deadlines and wasn’t available for 2016.

The good news is Skybolt is here for 2017, and they’re some of the best rockets we’ve got on our shelves.

Each set includes five rockets: two different palms, three different rings and some crackle mixed in. Skybolt offers Brothers quality and a nice variety of effects.

March is coming…

Our early order discount ends on February 28th, so make sure you build your stash and send in your order as soon. We’ll update you soon about our March discounts.

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