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Just in Time for Cyber Monday – Introducing “Blast” Specials!

As most of you know, Superior Fireworks is not just a seasonal fireworks company. We are open for business year-around. As such, we get new inventory in regularly. When planning this blog, one of the things we really wanted to do was offer specials to our blog readers that purchase throughout the year. We decided to bring in a few items on each shipment that are only available here on our blog at a discounted price! We will refer to these specials as “Blasts”. Once a Blast item is sold out, it’s gone for good, so you will have to check back regularly for new items. These fireworks will not be listed anywhere else on our website, except here. You can check the Sales & Specials category for new Blasts as they come available. Some Blasts will be available for both retail and wholesale customers, and some will be retail only. All of these items will be sold at a very attractive price, and will only be available in limited quantities. Look for our first Blast to be posted on “Cyber Monday”, November 29th!

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