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As many of you undoubtedly noticed, we unveiled an all-new website for our retail and wholesale fireworks stores this past weekend. It’s been several months in the making, and we’re proud to finally share it with you, because it really lays the foundation for many exciting new things that we have planned.

The most obvious change, of course, is the new design. One of our top priorities was to create a layout that presents our website in a way that’s optimized across the broadest range of devices possible. We knew this would be important because about 40% of our visitors this year have been on a mobile device, and that number has steadily grown. As such, we built our site on a framework that allows us to dynamically adjust the various elements on-the-fly to provide the best experience for your screen size.

We wanted it to look nice, too, but not in a way that overwhelms you. The fireworks are the stars of the show, after all. To that end, we’re working to bring you larger product photos and more videos than ever before. Check for video thumbnails with each product listing, and a little magnifying glass below product photos that have a larger, detailed version you can view. We’re adding more all the time, so keep checking back!

Also, we finally added product reviews to our site. You may remember that we stepped into the 2010’s last year by adding product reviews to our Superior Celebrations website, and it’s been a tremendous success. In the first year, our awesome customers shared nearly 150 reviews on many of our most popular products, and we’re so grateful for everyone who continues to share their experience with their fellow shoppers. Now, our fireworks customers will have this same opportunity, and we really look forward to the photos and videos you will share with your reviews!

Under the hood, we migrated our entire site to a new e-commerce platform to better manage our growing stores and better serve the many new customers we add each year. This will allow us to offer better service through things like up-front freight rates for wholesale customers, product search, and user accounts to let you save items in your cart for later purchase.

Plus, we hope you’ll enjoy the smoother checkout process. We had been using the same third-party hosted shopping cart service for all 13 years of our existence, and we had long since outgrown it. After years of piecing together workarounds to make it work, we’re very glad to finally have a seamless end-to-end shopping experience for you.

As excited as we are to launch the site, we know that we’re not through yet! Leave a comment below to share your ideas for the perfect online fireworks store to help us as we continue to make improvements.


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