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Inventory is on the way! We currently have more than 100 SKUs loaded and on the way from China and more being booked to ship over the next several weeks. As usual, on February 1st we will open up all items for pre-order that have either already finished production or will be finished by Chinese New Year (which is mid-February this year). We will be releasing more information over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

500 Gram Repeaters

The 500 Gram Repeater section is a split-category on our website. This section consists of all 500 Gram repeaters that have a shell diameter of 2" or less, and in general, 12 or more shots. The largest displays are in the Finale Racks section of the website (items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range).
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$79.82 ($26.61/Each)
A mixed set of three 18-shot, 500-gram repeaters from Brothers
Case Pack 1/3 Colors Duration 40 Seconds Shots 18 Units Per Case 3


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$115.60 ($28.90/Each)
Apollo includes GAFC's four hardest-hitting 500-gram repeaters, featuring 12 booming 2" shells, all with glittering tails to gold willows and 3-shot finales.
Case Pack 1/4 Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 12 Units Per Case 4

Hero's Welcome

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$72.37 ($12.06/Each)
Hero’s Welcome delivers 12 shots in a repeating I-V-W sequence. One red peony with silver glitter, two blue peonies with gold glitter, and three brocade crowns, all with golden tails.
Case Pack 6/1 Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 12 Units Per Case 6

Grand Finale

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$129.11 ($32.28/Each)
Grand Finale builds anticipation with 10 individual shots of colorful breaks with glitter, then unleashes a rush of glittering mines, sizzling comets and glittering horsetails and a final send-off of red lace that fills the sky!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Shots 59 Units Per Case 4

Downtown Display

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$99.75 ($24.94/Each)
A Z pattern of 12 gold comet tails to brocades with red, green, and blue stars, followed by blasts of brocade mines to glittering peonies with colorful stars.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 20 Seconds Shots 24 Units Per Case 4

Two If by Sea

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$79.82 ($19.96/Each)
A unique performance of 16 double-shot shots with spiraling, gold tails. It packs in 8 different styles of breaks for awesome variety. It finishes with a grand, 4-break finale!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 40 Seconds No. of Breaks 32 Shots 16 Units Per Case 4
$75.35 ($25.12/Each)
Nighttime Spectacular delivers 5 volleys of 4 shots each featuring colorful, glittering breaks with horse tail pistils, finishing with a crackling time-rain finale.
Case Pack 3/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 20 Units Per Case 3

American Creed

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$77.12 ($19.28/Each)
American Creed is the perfect patriotic display! It launches 4 shots of red and blue glittering mines to red palm with blue pistil, followed by 4 silver glitter mines to gold willows with silver glitter pistils. The finale fires 4 red and blue mines to massive red, white, and blue breaks with silver glitter.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 35 Seconds Shots 12 Units Per Case 4

Escape Velocity

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$57.06 ($28.53/Each)
Escape Velocity fires 6 fan-shaped volleys, each with 5 shots. It features multi-color mines and glitter to colored palms and dahlias with silver comet tails!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 30 Units Per Case 2

Captain Jake

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$52.70 ($17.57/Each)
Captain Jake blasts gold crackling mines that break into yellow, red, green, purple, blue, and orange bursts. It finishes with crackling mines that break into gold brocades with crackle.
Case Pack 3/1 Colors Duration 63 Seconds Shots 21 Units Per Case 3
$84.83 ($21.21/Each)
This assorted case includes one each of four rapid-fire, 36-shot repeaters with a variety of effects:
  • Knock Out: A series of red, silver, and green comets, colored tails to palms, blur stars with fish, then red and green comet tails to time rain.
  • Black Eye: Crackling tails to a mix of red and green peonies with time rain, then crackling tails to red and green palms
  • Out Cold: Whistling tails to alternating red, green, and purple palms with glitter
  • Fat Lip: Whistling tails to red and green palms, with a big chrysanthemum finale
Case Pack 1/4 Colors Shots 36 Units Per Case 4
$95.54 ($47.77/Each)
An opening salvo of whistling, crackling missiles for 30 seconds, followed by vivid red, green, and blue tails with whistle and crackle for an intense display!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 90 Seconds Shots 750 Units Per Case 2
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