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500 Gram Repeaters

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Bold City

Shots: 30
Colors: Blue, Green, Gold, Red
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Bold City delivers 6 bursts of 5 shots, featuring angled, sea-blue comets and gold, strobing mines to aerial breaks of golden strobe with colorful stars that alternate between green and red on each row. The final shots include delay-crackling mines to gold strobe with green and red stars.

Case Pack: 4
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Electrical Overload

Shots: 182
Colors: Silver, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Duration: 25 Seconds
Description: Electrical Overload blasts 182 zig-zagging shots of crackling comets with blue, purple and yellow stars, finishing with a brocade crown finale.

Case Pack: 1
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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Nighttime Spectacular

Shots: 20
Colors: Red, Green, Gold, Silver
Duration: 25 Seconds
Description: Nighttime Spectacular delivers 5 volleys of 4 shots each featuring colorful, glittering breaks with horse tail pistils, finishing with a crackling time-rain finale.

Case Pack: 3
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Amped Up

Shots: 14
Duration: 20 Seconds

A set of four unique 14-shot, 500-gram repeaters, featuring colorful mines with unique effects.

Case Pack: 4
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Global Warmer

Shots: 24
Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Orange
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: A Brothers Heavy Weight 500-gram repeater featuring red stars to silver glittering willows, green stars to red glittering willows then red, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange palms followed by four shots of red and silver glittering willows ending with a four-shot finale of yellow stars.

Case Pack: 4
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Mob Madness

Shots: 49
Duration: 35-65 Seconds
Description: A mixed set of four Brothers Heavy Weight 500-gram repeaters: Crime Scene, Inside Job, Blood Money, and Turf War.

Case Pack: 4
Pre-Order: Ships by June 1
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Two If by Sea

Shots: 16 (32 Breaks)
Colors: Gold, Red, Green, Blue, White, Purple
Duration: 40 Seconds
Description: A unique performance of 16 double-shot shots with spiraling, gold tails. It packs in 8 different styles of breaks for awesome variety. It finishes with a grand, 4-break finale!

Case Pack: 4
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Container Load Blue

Shots: 12 (each)
Description: Four of Winda's most-popular 12-shot, 500-gram repeaters in a single case! The set includes Super Stunt, Super Kung-Fu, War Stopper, and Reach for the Sky.

Case Pack: 1/4
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Hero's Welcome

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Gold
Duration: 15 Seconds
Description: Hero’s Welcome delivers 12 shots in a repeating I-V-W sequence. One red peony with silver glitter, two blue peonies with gold glitter, three brocade crowns with green stars, all with golden tails.

Case Pack: 6
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Home Run

Shots: 68
Colors: Red, Green, Silver
Duration: 13 Seconds
Description: A rapid-fire display of crackling mines to red and green falling leaves with white leaves, finishing with crackling glitter.

Case Pack: 2
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750-Shot Color Saturn Missile Battery

Shots: 750
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Duration: 60+ Seconds
Description: 750 shots of whistling missiles with green and red tails to reports.

Case Pack: 2
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Chaos Theory

Shots: 252
Colors: Gold
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Chaos Theory unleashes 252 rapid-fire shots of swirling, screaming, gold tails. If you're looking for loud, look no further!

Case Pack: 1
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Showing 1-12 of 65