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Due to ongoing global supply chain challenges, we are currently only offering products that are in stock or have already shipped from China. The availability shown on our website reflects the latest information and is updated in real time, including all arrivals expected through the middle of May. You can read more about these issues on our most recent production and shipping update. We have a limit of 10 cases per item at this time.


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Sky Monster

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$169.72 ($10.61/Pack)
Sky Monster is a 5-pack of high flying rockets with a variety of colors and effects!
Case Pack 16/5 Colors Units Per Case 16

Glowing Rockets

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$205.94 ($8.58/Each)
A 15-piece rocket set featuring a variety of colors with glitter, crackle, or reports.
Case Pack 24/15 Size 11.50 x 1 x 25 in. Units Per Case 24
$168.84 ($7.04/Pack)
A pack of 5 rockets with assorted effects!
Case Pack 24/5 Colors Size 7.75 x 1.50 x 31 in. Units Per Case 24
$379.86 ($37.99/Each)
A great collection of various types and sizes of Shogun rockets.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 10/1 Units Per Case 10
$155.54 ($7.78/Each)
A great value collection of Shogun brand rockets and Roman candles.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 20/1 Units Per Case 20
$129.84 ($5.19/Pack)
These premium bottle rockets fly into the air and have a loud report.
Case Pack 25/12/12 Size 11 x 4.25 x 2 in. Units Per Case 25
$95.40 ($4.77/Pack)
Screaming rockets with report.
Case Pack 20/12/12 Size 11 x 4.25 x 2 in. Units Per Case 20

USA Rockets

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$268.31 ($22.36/Pack)
USA Rockets includes 9 artillery-style breaks with assorted colors and effects.
Case Pack 12/9 Units Per Case 12


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$200.79 ($8.37/Pack)
Skybolt is a quality set of 5 different rockets:
  • Multicolored palms
  • Double rings
  • Red rings with silver pistil
  • Green rings with crackling
  • Gold palm with delay crackling
Case Pack 24/5 Units Per Case 24

Jet Screamer

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$201.26 ($12.58/Pack)
Contrary to the name of these rockets, Jet Screamer rockets do not actually have any whistle. They are however, some of our best rockets. Jet Screamers fly high and break hard into artillery-style bursts of red wave, gold willow, and brocade effects.
Case Pack 16/7 Units Per Case 16
$181.88 ($1.89/Pack)
This rocket shoots into the air before bursting into a parachute with a green flare.
Case Pack 96/6 Size 2 x 1.50 x 15 in. Units Per Case 96
$87.54 ($1.22/Pack)
Glitterous Lights rockets fly into the air with a fiery tail and produce a white glittering effect in the sky.
Case Pack 72/6 Size 2 x 1.50 x 15 in. Units Per Case 72
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