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Howler Rockets

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$124.09 ($10.34/Pack)
Howler Rockets scream into the air with howling silver tails! Each pack contains two each of four different aerial effects!
Case Pack 12/8 Colors Effects Whistle, Crackle, Strobe, Brocade, Wave Size 26 x 3.75 x 1.25 in. Units Per Case 12
$180.22 ($9.01/Pack)
1.5" artillery rockets that burst into "smiley faces."
Case Pack 20/5 Units Per Case 20
Close Out: Only 16 left!

Plasma Ring Rockets

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$159.63 ($8.87/Pack)
Plasma Ring Rockets feature 1.5" ball shells that break into 6 unique effects of colorful rings with pistils.
  • Brocade Crown Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Green Stars Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Purple Star Ring with Green Strobe Pistil
  • Brocade Ring with Crackling Pistil
  • White Strobe Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Red Stars Ring with Gold Lace Pistil
Case Pack 18/6 Colors Effects Rings, Afterglow, Strobe, Brocade Size 30 x 10.5 x 1.5 in. Units Per Case 18

Sky Monster

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$143.30 ($8.96/Pack)
Sky Monster is a 5-pack of high flying rockets with a variety of colors and effects!
Case Pack 16/5 Colors Units Per Case 16

Glowing Rockets

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$189.70 ($7.90/Each)
A 15-piece rocket set featuring a variety of colors with glitter, crackle, or reports.
Case Pack 24/15 Size 11.50 x 1 x 25 in. Units Per Case 24
$149.64 ($6.24/Pack)
A pack of 5 rockets with assorted effects!
Case Pack 24/5 Colors Size 7.75 x 1.50 x 31 in. Units Per Case 24
$310.62 ($31.06/Each)
A great collection of various types and sizes of Shogun rockets.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 10/1 Units Per Case 10
$139.41 ($6.97/Each)
A great value collection of Shogun brand rockets and Roman candles.

Exact contents may vary.

Case Pack 20/1 Units Per Case 20
$138.92 ($3.86/Pack)
8 Oz. Titan Rockets feature 2 each of 6 different effects, soaring into the sky and breaking into colorful stars, strobe, or crackle!
Case Pack 36/12 Colors Effects Bouquet, Strobe, Crackle Size 22.25 x 4.75 x 1 in. Units Per Case 36


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$182.44 ($7.60/Pack)
Skybolt is a quality set of 5 different rockets:
  • Multicolored palms
  • Double rings
  • Red rings with silver pistil
  • Green rings with crackling
  • Gold palm with delay crackling
Case Pack 24/5 Units Per Case 24
Low Stock: 19 Available
$147.20 ($6.13/Pack)
Lite 'em Up is a 4-pack of artillery rockets. Each rocket features a hard break, and outstanding effects, including gold willows, gold chrysanthemums, silver chrysanthemums, and gold brocades!
Case Pack 24/4 Units Per Case 24
$179.46 ($1.87/Pack)
This rocket shoots into the air before bursting into a parachute with a green flare.
Case Pack 96/6 Size 2 x 1.50 x 15 in. Units Per Case 96
Low Stock: 20 Available
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