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Don't need full cases of novelties? We offer retail sales of certain products like sparklers, sky lanterns, smoke, and non-pyrotechnic items on our Superior Celebrations website with no minimum order and inexpensive ground shipping.
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$88.95 ($0.62/Each)
Extra-loud "adult" snappers packed in blister packs instead of bags of sawdust for safe handling.
Case Pack 6/24/20 Units Per Case 144
$87.92 ($1.22/Pack)
These extra-long, 36" morning glory sparklers burn with multiple colors and effects.
Case Pack 72/6 Units Per Case 72

Sky Team

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$113.65 ($0.95/Each)
They whistle and spin, then fly into the air with a red tail! There are 6 exciting designs included.
Case Pack 120/1 Duration 7 Seconds Units Per Case 120

Aerial Boss

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$144.76 ($3.02/Pack)
A multi-effect aerial spinner that flies into the air with a bright comet tail, then crackles and bursts into glitter.
Case Pack 48/4 Units Per Case 48


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$250.00 ($0.65/Pack)
Zangers spin on the ground with red and green sparks, then zip into the sky in high speed.
Case Pack 16/24/6 Colors Units Per Case 384
$79.03 ($2.20/Pack)
These smoke bombs emit long-lasting red, blue, green, and orange smoke for about one minute!
Case Pack 36/4 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Size 5 x 1 x 8 in. Units Per Case 36

Space Capsule

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$120.94 ($3.36/Pack)
Space Capsule is a uniquely-designed aerial spinner that spins on the ground with a shower of sparks before launching into the air with a whistling, silver tail.
Case Pack 36/4 Size 5.50 x 5.50 x 3 in. Units Per Case 36
$50.13 ($0.17/Each)
The classic snappers that everyone knows and loves. A fun noisemaker that pops when thrown on the ground! Each case includes 6 bulk packs that each contain 50 packs, and each pack contains 50 snappers.
Case Pack 6/50/50 Units Per Case 300

10" Gold Sparklers

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$80.87 ($3.37/Pack)
10" gold sparklers are a must-have for any celebration. They are made with a wire core, so they give off minimal smoke while burning with a bright gold sparkle.
Case Pack 24/12/8 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Size 10 x 1.75 x 4.75 in. Units Per Case 24
$94.71 ($3.16/Pack)
These are the classic morning glory sparklers you know and love, with a three-stage, multi-effect performance on a bamboo stick.
Case Pack 30/12/6 Size 2.75 x 1.50 x 16 in. Units Per Case 30
$97.13 ($1.35/Pack of 6)
Star-shaped sparklers are perfect for any celebration! Simply light them at the tip and enjoy the golden sparkle as it burns down both sides of the star.
Case Pack 6/12/6 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Size 10" Total Length, 3.5" x 3.5" Star Units Per Case 72
$84.49 ($1.69/Each)
Our compressed-air Multi-Color Confetti Cannons are perfect for big parties and celebrations! To operate, simply twist the base of the unit, and the colorful confetti will blast 10-15 feet into the air!
Case Pack 50/1 Colors Size 18" Long | 2" Diameter Units Per Case 50
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