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$198.12 ($3.30/Each)
A unique sword-shaped fountain shooting showers of sparks with red, green, and orange comets.
Case Pack 60/1 Colors Units Per Case 60

Victory Eagle

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$109.80 ($10.98/Each)
Victory Eagle is an exciting multi-effect fountain that emits showers of colorful sparks in several directions!
Case Pack 10/1 Colors Duration 30 Seconds Units Per Case 10
$147.65 ($2.05/Each)
A long-lasting, multi-colored, rotating wheel that emits showers of sparks and whistles.
Case Pack 72/1 Units Per Case 72

Jumping Jelly Beans

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$152.36 ($6.35/Each)
Brightly colored jumping jelly bean effect mixed with crackle, chrysanthemum, and more.
Case Pack 24/1 Duration 55 Seconds Units Per Case 24

Crowning Glory

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$154.56 ($3.22/Pack)
A pack of 5 handheld fountains, including one each of red, green, blue, purple and silver flame with gold and titanium flowers.
Case Pack 48/5 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Size 4 x .50 x 20.50 in. Units Per Case 48
$91.68 ($10.19/Pack)
The Great American Value Pack includes 4 great fountains with assorted effects. Each one is a tribute to past presidents featured on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial:
  • George Washington: Blue, red, and yellow pearls with white glitter chrysanthemum
  • Thomas Jefferson: Green sparkle; red with white glitter chrysanthemum; red, green, and white glitter
  • Teddy Roosevelt: Golden glitter, yellow and white sparkle, red pearls with titanium crackle
  • Abe Lincoln: Blue and yellow pearls with silver crackle and white glitter chrysanthemum
Case Pack 9/4 Duration 40 Seconds Size 12 x 3 x 8 in. Units Per Case 9

Snow Cone

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$117.86 ($14.73/Each)
Various color fish, multi-stage titanium-crackle fountain, powerful gold flitter with blue, red, and green pearls, finishing with a huge crackle finale!
Case Pack 8/1 Colors Duration 70 Seconds Units Per Case 8
$128.07 ($10.67/Each)
The Alien Fountain whistles with a strobing glow as part of a great display that includes showers of sparks, crackle, glitter, and purple flame drops.
Case Pack 12/1 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 12


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$166.45 ($18.49/Each)
A mix of green stars and purple and crackling, purple and white flowers, purple and yellow stars, purple and pine needles, and purple flame drops.
Case Pack 9/1 Colors Duration 120 Seconds Size 8.50 x 7.25 x 9 in. Units Per Case 9
$120.14 ($5.01/Each)
Red, blue and purple torches with silver shower in all directions, followed by red and blue stars with crackle in the middle, then crackling with red stars.
Case Pack 24/1 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Units Per Case 24

Forget Me Not

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$109.78 ($6.86/Each)
Forget Me Not sprays a shower of red sparklers and pine needle, then red and green sparks with crackle, peach glitter, finishing with silver crackle.
Case Pack 16/1 Colors Duration 40 Seconds Units Per Case 16


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$143.02 ($35.76/Each)
Amazing gives a shower of sparks for more than two minutes. It features lots of white crackle with alternating red, green, and blue pearls. It ends with a huge barrage of sparks and color!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 120 Seconds Size 17.50 x 6.50 x 8.75 in. Units Per Case 4
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