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Inventory is on the way! We currently have more than 100 SKUs loaded and on the way from China and more being booked to ship over the next several weeks. As usual, on February 1st we will open up all items for pre-order that have either already finished production or will be finished by Chinese New Year (which is mid-February this year).

We have also recently updated pricing for the 2021 season. For information about 2021 price increases, click here.


New Product

Red Glare

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$89.36 ($14.89/Each)
Red glare provides a 3-part performance that begins with glittering red strobe, then silver crackle with red strobe and blue stars that grows to a massive finale of silver crackle with red strobe and blue stars.
Case Pack 6/1 Colors Duration 105 Seconds Units Per Case 6
$110.32 ($1.53/Each)
A long-lasting multi-colored rotating wheel emitting showers of sparks and whistles.
Case Pack 72/1 Units Per Case 72
$75.68 ($2.52/Each)
A unique sword-shaped fountain shooting showers of sparks with red, green, and orange comets.
Case Pack 30/1 Colors Duration 30 Seconds Units Per Case 30

Jumping Jelly Beans

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$105.52 ($4.40/Each)
Brightly colored jumping jelly bean effect mixed with crackle, chrysanthemum, and more. 
Case Pack 24/1 Duration 55 Seconds Units Per Case 24

Crowning Glory

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$119.91 ($2.50/Pack)
Packs of 5 handheld fountains, including one each of red, green, blue, purple and silver flame with gold and titanium flowers.
Case Pack 48/5 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Units Per Case 48
$62.85 ($7.86/Pack)
The Great American Value Pack includes 4 great fountains with assorted effects. Each one is a tribute to past presidents featured on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial:
  • George Washington: Blue, red, and yellow pearls with white glitter chrysanthemum
  • Thomas Jefferson: Green sparkle; red with white glitter chrysanthemum; red, green, and white glitter
  • Teddy Roosevelt: Golden glitter, yellow and white sparkle, red pearls with titanium crackle
  • Abe Lincoln: Blue and yellow pearls with silver crackle and white glitter chrysanthemum
Case Pack 8/4 Duration 40 Seconds Units Per Case 8

Snow Cone

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$87.80 ($10.98/Each)
Various color fish, multi-stage titanium-crackle fountain, powerful gold flitter with blue, red, and green pearls, finishing with a huge crackle finale!
Case Pack 8/1 Colors Duration 70 Seconds Units Per Case 8
$88.28 ($7.36/Each)
The Alien Fountain whistles with a strobing glow as part of a great display that includes showers of sparks, crackle, glitter, and purple flame drops.
Case Pack 12/1 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 12


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$106.88 ($11.88/Each)
A mix of green stars and purple and crackling, purple and white flowers, purple and yellow stars, purple and pine needles, and purple flame drops.
Case Pack 9/1 Colors Duration 140 Seconds Units Per Case 9
$109.22 ($4.55/Each)
Red, blue and purple torches with silver shower in all directions, followed by red and blue stars with crackle in the middle, then crackling with red stars.
Case Pack 24/1 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Units Per Case 24

Forget Me Not

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$99.80 ($6.24/Each)
Forget Me Not sprays a shower of red sparklers and pine needle, then red and green sparks with crackle, peach glitter, finishing with silver crackle.
Case Pack 16/1 Colors Duration 40 Seconds Units Per Case 16


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$76.52 ($19.13/Each)
Amazing gives a shower of sparks for more than two minutes. It features lots of white crackle with alternating red, green, and blue pearls. It ends with a huge barrage of sparks and color!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 120 Seconds Units Per Case 4
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