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Due to extremely low inventory levels industry-wide, high demand for new production, and shipping delays from China, many items will not be available until later this spring. We have updated product listings to display a rough estimate of when these items will become available and will offer them for pre-order about 4 weeks from their expected arrival date. Items listed as "Sold Out" will likely not be back in stock this season. We are closely monitoring production and shipping progress and will make items available as soon as possible.
We have also already updated pricing for the 2021 season. For information about 2021 price increases, click here.

500 Gram Repeaters

The 500 Gram Repeater section is a split-category on our website. This section consists of all 500 Gram repeaters that have a shell diameter of 2" or less, and in general, 12 or more shots. The largest displays are in the Finale Racks section of the website (items that are in the 2.5"-3" shell diameter range).
New Product

American Rhythm

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$69.20 ($69.20/Each)
American Rhythm unleashes alternating rows of red, white, and blue comets - sweeping back & forth in a "Z" pattern. For a finale, the last six shots fire simultaneously, breaking into gold willows!
Case Pack 1/1 Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 156 Units Per Case 1

Combat Zone

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$125.34 ($62.67/Each)
Combat Zone displays a furious barrage of 210 criss-crossing red and green comets!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 210 Size 23 x 16 x 5.50 in. Units Per Case 2

Extreme Machine

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$120.48 ($30.12/Each)
Extreme Machine brings the noise! It features 6 volleys of 6 shots; each with screeching, gold, comet tails that break into huge, gold, delay-crackle bursts.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 24 Seconds Shots 36 Units Per Case 4

Container Load Blue

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$149.40 ($37.35/Each)
Four of Winda's most-popular 12-shot, 500-gram repeaters in a single case! The set includes Super Stunt, Super Kung-Fu, War Stopper, and Reach for the Sky.
Case Pack 1/4 Shots 12 Units Per Case 4

Crack of Dawn

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$97.37 ($24.34/Each)
A truly impressive 16-shot repeater with brocade and gold willows to blue stars, and brocade and gold willows to green glitter.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Shots 16 Units Per Case 4

Gun Runner

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$131.40 ($32.85/Each)
Gun Runner fires alternating, fan-shaped rows of glittering, silver wave shells with color stars; and rows of multi-color chrysanthemum shells. There are 6 rows, each with 5 shots.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 18 Seconds Shots 30 Size 14.50 x 11.50 x 9 in. Units Per Case 4

Hit the Road, Jack

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$84.82 ($21.20/Each)
A great balance of duration and intensity with 7 rounds of 7 shots, each featuring different colors and effects!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Shots 49 Size 10.50 x 10.50 x 6 in. Units Per Case 4
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