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We have many shipments arriving over the next several weeks that will increase selection considerably. That said, inventory continues to be extremely limited overall due to heavy demand, product shortages, and global supply chain disruptions. We are working to restock as quickly as possible. You can read more in our November production and shipping update. Currently, we have a limit of 10 cases per item. Orders will be shipped immediately from in-stock inventory and cannot be held in anticipation of future arrivals.


Don't need full cases of novelties? We offer retail sales of certain products like sparklers, sky lanterns, smoke, and non-pyrotechnic items on our Superior Celebrations website with no minimum order and inexpensive ground shipping.
Inventory Status
New Product
$86.79 ($0.60/EACH)
Extra-loud "adult" snappers packed in blister packs instead of bags of sawdust for safe handling.
Case Pack 6/24/20 Units Per Case 144
$96.03 ($1.00/Each)
Packs of 24 colored smoke grenades lasting approximately 60 seconds. Our colored smoke grenades come in 6 color varieties; white, blue, green, purple, yellow, and red.
Case Pack 4/24 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Units Per Case 96
$78.78 ($1.09/Pack)
These extra-long, 36" morning glory sparklers burn with multiple colors and effects.
Case Pack 72/6 Units Per Case 72

Circus Peanuts

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$116.71 ($0.41/Pack)
This elephant drops his "peanuts" in the form of a long snake with a crackling ending!
Case Pack 2/144 Units Per Case 288

Sky Team

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$116.98 ($0.97/Each)
They whistle and spin, then fly into the air with a red tail! There are 6 exciting designs included.
Case Pack 120/1 Units Per Case 120

Aerial Boss

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$127.18 ($2.65/Pack)
A multi-effect aerial spinner that flies into the air with a bright comet tail, then crackles and bursts into glitter.
Case Pack 48/4 Units Per Case 48


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$203.92 ($0.53/Pack)
Zangers spin on the ground with red and green sparks, then zip into the sky in high speed.
Case Pack 16/24/6 Colors Units Per Case 384
$84.92 ($2.36/Pack)
These smoke bombs emit long-lasting red, blue, green, and orange smoke!
Case Pack 36/4 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Size 5 x 1 x 8 in. Units Per Case 36

Space Capsule

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$109.36 ($3.04/Pack)
Space Capsule is a uniquely-designed aerial spinner that spins on the ground with a shower of sparks before launching into the air with a whistling, silver tail.
Case Pack 36/4 Size 5.50 x 5.50 x 3 in. Units Per Case 36
$47.39 ($0.16/Each)
The classic snappers that everyone knows and loves. A fun noisemaker that pops when thrown on the ground! Each case includes 6 bulk packs that each contain 50 packs, and each pack contains 50 snappers.
Case Pack 6/50/50 Units Per Case 300
$69.38 ($2.89/Pack)
10" gold sparklers are a must-have for any celebration. They are made with a wire core, so they give off minimal smoke while burning with a bright gold sparkle.
Case Pack 24/12/8 Colors Duration 50 Seconds Size 10 x 1.75 x 4.75 in. Units Per Case 24
$81.66 ($2.72/Pack)
These are the classic morning glory sparklers you know and love, with a three-stage, multi-effect performance on a bamboo stick.
Case Pack 30/12/6 Size 2.75 x 1.50 x 16 in. Units Per Case 30
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