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Inventory is extremely limited after a very busy 4th of July season and we are working to restock as quickly as possible. Currently, we have a limit of 10 cases per item. Orders will be shipped immediately from in-stock inventory and cannot be held in anticipation of future arrivals.


Don't need full cases of novelties? We offer retail sales of certain products like sparklers, sky lanterns, smoke, and non-pyrotechnic items on our Superior Celebrations website with no minimum order and inexpensive ground shipping.
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$262.63 ($1.09/Pack)
These specially formulated sparklers are perfect for bottle service and cake presentations. They burn with a near-smokeless, gold-sparkling flame for about 45 seconds. They measure 7.5" long, and .5" in diameter.
240 packs of 4 per case (960 sparklers total).
Case Pack 4/60/4 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 240
$93.01 ($15.50/Pack)
These Heart-shaped, wire sparklers burn almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions! When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart, creating double the sparkle of a regular sparkler!
Case Pack 6/12/6 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 6
$208.98 ($5.22/Pack)
Each tank rolls across the ground and emits red and green stars with silver sparks and then fires one loud report.
Case Pack 40/12 Size 11 x 2 x 7 in. Units Per Case 40
$10.00 ($0.40/Each)
These 22" red, white & blue glow necklaces are perfect for 4th of July parties and fireworks festivities!
Case Pack 25 Pack Colors Size 2 x 2 x 15.50 in. Units Per Case 25
$72.99 ($3.65/Pack)
This classic novelty item spins on the ground while strobing bright alternating colors with sparks.
Case Pack 20/12/6 Units Per Case 20
$97.04 ($0.67/Pack)
This classic novelty produces a trail of ash as it burns that resembles a snake! Each pack includes 6 different colors.
Case Pack 144/6/6 Units Per Case 144
$99.95 ($1.25/Pack)
A classic item that looks like a firecracker but actually produces wildly-spinning red and green ground effects that go in all directions.
Case Pack 80/12/12 Size 3 x 1.50 x 2.50 in. Units Per Case 80
$29.65 ($1.24/Each)
These 16" LED foam sticks contain red, green, and blue LEDs that light up in six different modes! Plus, styled American flag wrapper makes them perfect for the Fourth of July or other patriotic celebrations.
Case Pack 24 Pack Units Per Case 24
$27.84 ($1.16/Each)
These glow sticks are a full 12 inches long, and are divided into red, white, and blue glow sections. This 24-pack is great for any patriotic celebration!
Case Pack 24 Pack Colors Units Per Case 24
$115.98 ($0.81/Pack)
Packs of colorful, 17" sparklers. The gold one is a traditional sparkler; the green, red, and blue are colored torches (fluorescent flame with less "sparkle" effect).
Case Pack 2/72/4 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Units Per Case 144
$104.65 ($2.91/Pack)
Each pack of premium Gender Reveal Smoke includes two blue and two pink smoke canisters, packaged with beautiful but discrete designs that don't show the color inside. When lit, they produce white smoke for about 10 seconds before transitioning to a beautiful blue or pink smoke for a truly unique gender reveal!
Case Pack 36/4 Colors Duration 60 Seconds Size 5 x 1 x 5.50 in. Units Per Case 36
$101.86 ($1.41/Pack)
A two-color helicopter that spins and launches into the air!
Case Pack 72/3 Units Per Case 72
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