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Due to extremely low inventory levels industry-wide, high demand for new production, and shipping delays from China, many items will not be available until later this spring. We have updated product listings to display a rough estimate of when these items will become available and will offer them for pre-order about 4 weeks from their expected arrival date. Items listed as "Sold Out" will likely not be back in stock this season. We are closely monitoring production and shipping progress and will make items available as soon as possible.
We have also already updated pricing for the 2021 season. For information about 2021 price increases, click here.


New Product
$77.93 ($6.49/Each)
Huge shells with four assorted colors and effects to choose from.
  1. Brocade with Multi-Color Tips
  2. Gold Stars with Crackling
  3. Purple Stars with Crackling
  4. Red Chrysanthemum
Case Pack 4/3 Colors Units Per Case 12
$96.60 ($8.05/Each)
Huge shells with two different colors and effects to choose from. 1. Brocade to Green with White Strobe Pistil 2. Red Dahlia with Time Rain Pistil
Case Pack 6/2 Colors Units Per Case 12
$86.12 ($7.18/Pack)
Huge single shot parachute with a movable action figure attached. Two tubes per pack. Both kids and adults love them!
Case Pack 12/2 Size 5.50 x 4 x 12 in. Units Per Case 12

#300 Supreme Tubes

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$80.75 ($3.36/Each)
2.5" single-shot tubes with assorted effects:
  • Red and Crackle
  • Gold Willow
  • Brocade to Green
  • Color Peony
Case Pack 6/4 Units Per Case 24
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